Opening One's Eyes

Court Reinland

PureInsight | March 19, 2006


Blind as we're born

A world lost in delusion

Men find the old ways forlorn and forgotten

Instead find alluring golden roads leading confusion

Scarce can he tell,

What among the sand is a pearl

Trading precious his own worth

That he might win the world

But in that long hour of night

Lost between dreams

When the pains of life's loss

Reveal life's existence to be, not quite what it seems

He finds aching a thirst must be quenched,

Though finds himself clothed in the delight of his sense

The old ways left abandoned in times before hence

Yet in the dark finds a candle's small flickering flame

whose light gives the strength shaking shackles from his frame

And though alone sits at midnight,

Where is dark with no light

Finds for a moment,

That his eyes have gained sight

Though what he sees,

Words nay can describe it's form, nor it's time,

Nor it's place

But there saw not for a second, nor minute,

Nor the smallest of space

Yet indeed glimpsed that instant

Buddha's Infinite Grace

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