To Hu, Please Walk Upright

Court Reinland

PureInsight | April 30, 2006

[] Author's note: This
is a poem I composed after having a vision that I might have been Hu
Jintao's servant in an ancient royal court where Hu was the Emperor. I
wrote this poem with the hope of saving his life from the grasp of
Communism, and to encourage practitioners to remain diligent in their
truth clarification activities.

Does thou remember before when I served thee

If thou faltered thy walk -

Close at your side, your cane always with me

Before as it was as your guard and your servant,

To his majesty bringing thy cloak and thy flask,

As your guard not allowing a single trespass

But now it appears that mi' lord you have fallen aghast,

Please allow me to fetch thee - the finest walking staff

It pains me to see that you might fall away,

Please allow me to fix a place, warm - you can stay

Kind sire I must say, now that you're rested -

"See-eth the light in the eyes of a child,

Beholdeth thy flock yours to shepherd,

So Tender and mild"

Though fierce such a storm

Has never so rained,

Rememberest thy not,

Why-fore  thou hast came?

Aye but old king I've tired my breath,

And if He cannot save whose given thee this last chance,

Then I trust in the wisdom,

That each soul, not save one, must give his own stance.

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