Falun Dafa Conference in Geneva

A Practicioner from Greece

PureInsight | April 9, 2006


The Falun Emblem

you stare at it

is its rich colours?

is it the wan?

or something more?

air shelter bunkers

around and round

the same neighbourhood

where is the entrance?

inside a mixture

of east and west

the gap is bridged

Gabriel is there

all other unknown

but still familiar

and time is long

is time short?

depends on you

but time flies


the Master says

and you for whom

you cultivate?

and who are those?

lost in the maze

they found hope

is this predestined?

how about you?

just take time

time to reflect

your soul as mirror

share your experience

open your heart

and let it go

still time to walk

and time to choose

is this a dream?

is a life a trip?

a mind's trip

can get you somewhere

to Zhen-Shan-Ren

and there are drummers

at the parade

and its all yellow

look at the people

who meditate

the righteous thoughts

have an effect

does anyone listen

behind those walls

look at the colours

they change at sunset

oh, so much beauty

it's an illusion

is this all fake?

but still in cosmos

the heart slows down

and elevates

the more she knows

the less she feels

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