Demonstrating the Power of Righteous Thought : Two Loudspeakers Turned Mute

A Dafa Disciple

PureInsight | May 23, 2006

[] During the
recent visit of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) leader Hu to
Washington D.C., we were mingled with people gathered by the evil Party
during our activity next to the White House. Both sides had lots of
people. In other dimensions there must have been an unprecedented
rivalry between good and evil that manifested in this human dimension
as interference. The great interference came especially from the big
loudspeakers that were chaotically broadcasting the evil Party's music
of Party culture, which prevented people from clearly hearing the truth
and the Nine Commentaries that Dafa disciples tried to play.

On the morning of the day after Hu first arrived, two loudspeakers at
an intersection near the hotel where Hu was staying were playing loud
music. Two practitioners went over and wanted to ask them not to play
anymore. The person who was holding one of the speakers also came from
Philadelphia and one of the practitioners even knew him, but they did
not accept the practitioners' suggestion and continued to play the
music of the CCP's party culture.

So, several practitioners started to send forth righteous thoughts.
Fifteen or twenty minutes later, the speaker that the person was
holding stopped working. He said, "It's broken. I have to fix it."
Then, the other speaker also stopped working and the person who was
holding the second speaker went to the car parked in a quiet place. The
person from Philadelphia also walked towards the quiet place with the
broken speaker in his hand. In order for him to understand better, I
said to him, "Don't try to fix it because it won't work. It shouldn't
have worked form the beginning." He didn't say anything and left.
Later, I saw him cross the street smoking a cigarette with no speaker
in his hand. Hope this mystical happening made him think.

I myself also enlightened to lots of things during the process. When
sending forth righteous thoughts, the thought is very critical. Even
though I appeared to be not touched by the surrounding in this human
dimension, some thoughts did come into my mind, like "Several minutes
have passed, why doesn't it work? Those other practitioners stopped
sending forth righteous thoughts, should I continue?" I continued with
determination. Ten minutes later, another thought appeared: "Wouldn't
it be too incredible if the speakers stopped working as soon as we sent
forth the righteous thoughts? Wouldn't the principles of this human
dimension be violated?" But I realized right away that that thought was
not right. We just want to try our best to save all the sentient beings
that can be saved. Those two large loudspeakers were blocking the
Chinese people from hearing the truth and we cannot accept this
arrangement of the old forces. We need to disintegrate all the
interfering evil factors and save those precious Chinese people. Having
enlightened to higher Fa principles, I sent out even clearer and
stronger righteous thoughts.  

 "This directly involves our own minds. In order to eliminate this
negative thing, you must first change your mind." ("Loss and gain" -
Chapter Four of Zhuan Falun)

I knew that the one thought then was the test for me. If I accepted the
logic that "it will be too magical if the speakers break once we send
forth the righteous thoughts, and this won't be the state of ordinary
people society," the result would have been totally different.

Righteous thoughts, righteous thoughts, it's really true that our every thought has to be on the Fa.

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