Thankfulness to Master

Dafa Disciples

PureInsight | June 2, 2006


Generation after generation,

We have been waiting for today;

Wandering again and again,

Eventually we found ourselves.

Millions and billions years of history,

Beings tainted with dust;

Hundreds and thousands times reincarnated,

Times and tides have been up and down.

Here comes Master,

With the unprecedented Fa;

Here comes Master,

Awakening beings who have lost their path.

In no time,

Sentient beings now have hope;

Fourteen years,

Master's forbearance is enormous.

Compassionate caring,

Nurturing the beings lost in the maze of the earthly world;

Boundless Fa principles,

Offering salvation to hopeless lives;

Introducing "Truthfulness, Benevolence, and Forbearance,"

Stops the cosmos's degeneration;

Pure and dignified Fa,

Rectifying the world's viciousness.

One after another,

Beings now on the path of returning to the origin;

Selflessness and compassion,

Forging righteous beings not previously existent.

Brightening heaven and earth,

Exposing the foul;

Harmonious is the Fa,

Exposing the filthy.

Degenerated notions,

Attempting to block the Fa-rectification;

Selfish nature,

Intending to test righteous gods.

Plotting and fabricating,

Were used to frame Dafa;

White turned into black,

Were exhausted to defame Master.

Amongst storms of blood,

Disciples safeguarding the Fa with lives having no regret;

Attacked by the deceitful lies,

Master enduring all kinds of pain for sentient beings.

Compassion from the holy,

Unwilling to see beings as unsalvageable;

Efforts to overcome all difficulty,

Harmoniously resolving disciples' karmic debts over history of lives.

 Lofty and alone,

Beyond description in human words;

Sacrificing everything,

Only Master can do thus!

Tears from heaven,

Appreciating your enormous compassion;

 The cosmos continues to exist,

Only because Falun revolves constantly.

From the most microscopic to the most macroscopic,

All beings are manifested herein;

In front of the Fa principles,

They are choosing the path of good or evil for themselves.

Fa-rectification Dafa disciples,

Come to know their mission and vow;

Cultivating diligently,

Not letting down Teacher's boundless compassion.

Fa-study and cultivating xinxing,

Assimilating to the Fa is the way to upgrade oneself;

Truth-clarification and righteous thoughts,

Only so doing can save beings from endless suffering.

Amongst the earthy world,

Temptations and tests are everywhere;

Human society like a maze,

Requirements being higher and higher during our cultivation path;

Not until out of the mud,

Can we feel the hardship for Teacher to save us;

Only after overcoming restraints,

Are we able to recall our prehistoric vows,

Various capabilities and skills,

Disciples each do their best;

Domestic and abroad,

Magnificent maneuvers are seen.

Streets and avenues,

Truth-clarification words are everywhere;

Television interception,

Exposing lies like thunder.

Beating and torture,

Useless in front of disciples' righteous thoughts;

With mouth and voice,

How can we attest to Teacher's innocence?!

Over seventy nations,

Is where Dafa spreads;

Thousands of proclamations,

Praises for Dafa never stop.

By the side of anti-torture exhibitions,

Pedestrians' sympathy being seen;

Government officers,

Joining to condemn the intolerable viciousness!

Five thousand years of culture,

Cannot permit the evil party's brutality;

Appealing throughout the word,

Promising to bring justice to those who persecuted the innocent!

Spring gone and back,

Time waits for no man;

Flowers dwindling and blooming,

People starting to wake up.

Touched and impressed,

Worldly people now attest to innocence of Dafa;

Gods shocked and speechless,

Keep praising Teacher and the Fa-rectification.

Billions of calamities have passed,

Dafa comes;

Generation after generation,

Now sentient beings are in joy.

Looking upon Master respectfully,

Who lifted us from the hell;

Gratitude beyond description,

Because entire cosmos is saved.

Fa-rectification disciples,

Having nothing in return;

On the Falun Dafa Day,

Tears keep rolling down.

Thankfulness and being touched,

Too much to say;

Feeling having done poorly in the past,

We shall become more diligent all the time.

The entire world is celebrating,

Witnessing Master and Dafa;

Sentient beings are waiting,

Fa will rectify the human world soon!

On Falun Dafa Day in the year of 2006.

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