China's Dark Veil and New Sun Rising

An Australian Practitioner

PureInsight | August 20, 2006


Of Darkest Veil

Behind a red curtain

China of darkest veil

once of tranquil tides

now finding tears and travail.

One 'Party' come to power

and a spectre's breath of life

too many souls devoured

from sanguine to bitter strife.

A blind eye turned

and the blood runs still

where countless voices quelled

truth silenced to trill.

When control by terror exposed

and all crimes sanctioned by state

the facade of lies must fall

ending this history of hate.

Beyond a red curtain

China of a darkest veil

come tranquil tides again

when a new light prevails.

A New Sun Rising

China, a new sun rising

piercing shadows and prison walls

let light crowd every heart and corner

where many a conscience comes to fall.

From these darkest of days

and this spectre across our skies

when all clouds fade near a closing hour

China, upon a new sun rising.

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