A Flower Like the Heart

An Australian Practitioner

PureInsight | October 1, 2006


A flower, like the heart,

pungent or sweet,

closed tight

or open in petal,

but always in colour -

never grey or wilting

before blossom.

With reflection,

a flower, by nature,

in form and formlessness,

that its essence and affinity

both come closest

to one's soul.

Not that the mind's

realm has no interplay

with the heart -

there is also little question

to its own spectrum of colour,

but, it seems, that its tones

can descend to varied

shades of grey - to veil

and dim this light

of soul and it is one's

heart that renders

our soul tangible,

at least, in this world

made all too finite

and measurable.

It is this grey matter

that has also blinkered

our eyes and consciousness.

As this world,

indeed the heavens,

continue to turn and truth

comes closer to what

 could be perceived

as inversion, we may soon

understand that the greatest

virtue of the flower and heart

is beyond symmetry and

fragrance - our senses.

It is their intangible journey

and the capacity for both

to long for their coming

of spring - one seasonal,

the other perennial.

This journey,

from seed to flower,

atom to farthest breadth,

remains fundamental and

define the quest of that

from human to hallowed,

the becoming to the consummated.

And the origins

of the seed? From

the fruits of the flower

and the heart from

the deepest compassion -

the cosmos, between

the miniscule and the

widest of magnitudes.

To embrace this,

to truly know the flower

and heart, one must encompass

both from within and without.

Thus, a timeless symbol

emerges - of one's

traversing, transforming

and pinnacle ascent -

the lotus, a flower

so like the heart.

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