Understanding (Part 1)

A Western Practitioner

PureInsight | April 23, 2007

He approaches,

Of course one is unexpecting.

He speaks,

Inside one feels an urge growing.


Before one is another individual.

Does one realize what this person says?

Does one know what he means?

One tries to reply.

Yet one is halted by the other-

He continues to push forward.

Be patient!

Don't let the desire of a moment-

Control the action of ones self.

Be patient!

Learn what is truly being expressed.

Finally, if intentions are clear,

Speak if you know how,

Speak if you have an answer.

If not, speak not, just express compassion.

Relating the other with ones self-

May not work well.

Experience is experienced and sentiment-

Is hardly ever in a state of equal appearance.

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