My Thoughts after Attending Master's classes

PureInsight | May 6, 2007

[] My younger sister game me the book China Falun Gong
in 1993. She actually brought it from another city, recommending the
book to me after reading it herself, and shared her personal
experiences with me. I was then so tormented by my own illness. No one
could diagnose my condition. I often thought of committing suicide.
Because I wanted my illness to be cured I was skeptical about how
people became healthy after practicing what the book said. I did not
take practicing it seriously and almost missed Falun Dafa entirely.

 In April,1994, one of my relatives who had heard of my suffering
wrote me that Master was going to teach the Fa in Zhenzhou in June. I
knew about her. She had so many ailments before practicing Falun Gong
and had regained her health after beginning the practice. I asked her
to register for me.

I met Master in an old, deserted basketball auditorium on the morning
of June 12, 1994. It was very hot that day but Master was at ease
without an electric fan or a paper fan. Master was so different from
other elite persons in our society. His words and actions slowly tore
apart my stubborn notions. After one lecture I was certain Master was
the one that I had been looking for. After the lecture, everyone made
room for Master to walk out. Master walked by me and I greeted him
silently. If I had the opportunity today I would say it out loud,
"Master, Greetings!" because I have truly understood how magnificent
Dafa is and how difficult it is for Master to offer us salvation.

During the afternoon of June 18, 1994, after Master had answered all
our questions, the disciples who followed Master to the class taught us
the fifth exercise. Master came down from the podium and corrected our
movements. When Master was three feet away from me he stayed there and
did not move. I was feeling hot, and sweat ran down my body. In
addition to suffering from illnesses, sitting in a half lotus position
was very difficult for me. I was embarrassed when I looked up and found
Master looking at me for about two minutes. I understood then that
Master was adjusting my body for me. Now I know that Master had
suffered quite a bit for my salvation.

In December 1994 I attended the class in Guangzhou. That was Master's
last time to teach the Fa. I did not register in time, so I stood in
line in outside the auditorium and waited.  Later, someone said
that Master wanted us to go inside and listen to the lecture, even
though we had no tickets. A few minutes later someone said that the
organizer would not agree to that, but Master wanted to come out to see
us. Master appeared quickly in front of the auditorium. We were quite
moved that Master was thinking about us, even though we could not go

Later on, we watched Master from an adjoining hall teach in the
auditorium. On one Sunday afternoon Master had to teach two classes.
During the break Master suddenly appeared in front of us. Everyone
moved closer to Master but could not think of much to say. After a
couple of questions were posted the silence set in. I was standing
outside the group and felt as if being impolite. I also had some bad
notions on my mind. When Master was ready to leave he glanced at me.
Suddenly, all my bad notions disappeared, and I was ashamed of myself.

Following those precious experiences I began to understand the meanings
of Dafa a little more. I am sorry about my bad notions and feelings
toward Master. I can only repay Master and be a good disciple by
solidly cultivating myself and doing the three things well.

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