Stories from History: Cao Cao Dreamed of Horses

Yi Dou

PureInsight | September 30, 2007

[] During the
Three Kingdoms Period, Cao Cao, the prime minister of the Han Kingdom,
dreamed of three horses eating out of a the same trough. He was very
unhappy and suspected that Ma *Teng and his two sons from Xiliang
wanted to compete with him for power. After he pacified Xiliang and
killed Ma Teng and his sons, he then felt safe and comfortable.

Later Cao Cao was seriously ill and dreamed of three horses eating out
of the same trough again. He was astonished after he woke up and said,
"I dreamed of three horses before and suspected the trouble makers were
Ma Teng and his sons. However, they have been long dead and why am I
having the same dream?" Before Cao Cao died, he asked Shima Yi and
others to take care of the kingdom.

Shima Yi and his two sons later bullied the offspring of Cao Cao, took
over power slowly, and eventually became the founding emperor of the
Jin Dynasty.


Truth be told, the history of mankind has been prearranged. Only after
the event is over will human beings start to enlighten to it.

(From Romance of the Three Kingdoms)

* Ma means horse in Chinese.

Translated from

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