A Sacred Flame

An Australian Practitioner

PureInsight | November 25, 2007


A sacred flame burning

finding promise and hope alight

from Mount Olympus

traversing land and shore

until China under a darkest sky

shining horizons forever bright.

With hearts against injustice

freedom and a future for all

voices against the silence

behind China's coldest walls.

Our world now awakening

where courage and conscience born

a torch bearing truth

for millions of lives

a sacred flame prevailing

rising beyond every crime and more.

(A poem inspired by the "Human Rights
Torch Relay" - a global initiative to raise awareness of the ongoing
persecution against Falun Gong practitioners and other prisoners of
conscience and belief in

China preceding the 2008 Olympic Games).

China, May You Find Light

May you find light

amidst the spectre of darkness

hope despite horizons grey

May you find peace

beyond the 'party's' crimes

truth from such bitter days.

May you find harmony

amidst the tempest

dignity from fear and endless shame

May you find compassion

where a culture of hate presides

light shining above a diminished flame.

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