The Power of Music

Zhang Tianliang

PureInsight | January 20, 2008

[] The power of music can lead people to peace, compassion and defeat.

Xiang Yu was a legend in Chinese history and was known for his bravery
and wits.  He won every battle, the most legendary battle being
the battle of Ju Lu.  He was awarded the title of Conqueror Xiang
Yu because of the battle.  Unexpectedly, he and his men were
totally defeated in a battle by a song about homesickness that was
composed by his enemy to shake the morale of his army.  He even
ended his life because of that defeat.  This is the power of music
to cause defeat.    

It happens that there have been similar cases about the power of music in western history.  

A French movie released in 2005 tells a true story.  During the
First World War, the French and British allied forces were combating
the German army in a battle. It was Christmas Eve.  The German
soldiers invited a musician and a singer to perform for them to
celebrate.  The pair went to the war front and walked out of the
trenches to sing and play music.  The soldiers from the opposite
trench were also enthralled by the songs and music.  Dramatically,
the soldiers from both sides were so deeply moved by the music and song
that they exchanged Christmas presents.  Afterwards, they also
listened to a priest's preaching.  During the sequent weeks, the
combating sides spent their time in peace.  This is the power of
music for

The movie "The Pianist" was the Oscar winner in 2003.  It tells a
true story that happened during the Second World War.  A Polish
pianist of Jewish background hid himself in a garret to escape being
chased by the German Nazis.  He was cold, hungry and dying when he
was located by a German lieutenant.  After learning that he was a
pianist, the lieutenant brought him before a piano and asked him to
play.  He was very hungry and exhausted, but he was able to play
the piano beautifully.  His highly skilled playing, brilliance and
inner compassion deeply moved the German lieutenant.  Finally, the
pianist tided over the tough time under the help of the German
lieutenant.  That is the power of music for

The movie "The Lives of Others" won the 2006 Oscar Award.  In that
movie, a spy had a writer under surveillance.  He was deeply moved
by the music the writer was playing on a piano, which mourned a friend
of the writer's.  The spy used to be very cold-hearted, but tears
started falling down his cold face.  From then on, the spy did a
lot of compassionate things.   

I admire the power of music.  I regret that I did not apply myself
in the field of music.  Today's people have emphasized science and
engineering more than the humanities.  People rely more and more
on the superficial techniques and enjoying themselves.  They
ignore the inner qualities of mind.  Good music will calm us down
and it is the best way for us to examine our own

The 2006 Holiday Wonders and 2007 New Year's Gala presented beautiful
music to the audiences, including the profoundly moving Tibetan music,
the enthusiastic, boldly flowing style of Mongolian music, as well as
the graceful and leisurely style of Manchu music.  The Drumming
Dance of the Tang Dynasty has an air of mystery and exoticism. 
The music for the performance "Serving the Country with Utmost Loyalty"
is sometimes sweet and agreeable and sometimes high-spirited.  The
music for the dances "Creator" and "Dunhuang Dance" bring the
audiences' minds to Heaven.  

The sound of the music has remained in my mind forever.   

Year 2008 Holiday Wonders and Chinese New year Splendid are on the
stage now.  I'm looking forward to the wonderful music.  I
believe in the power of music to turn bad into good.

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