Fang Sui Left Wei and Helped Qi Become Powerful


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[] Fan Sui was a
citizen of Wei during the Warring States period (575 -221 B.C.). He was
resourceful, but because his family was poor he was unable to put his
ability to good use. He found a petty job with Xu Gu who was a senior
official in the Wei state.

Once, Fang Sui followed Xu Gu on a diplomatic mission to Qi. Qi's
emperor had heard of Fang Sui's talent and so he sent five kilograms of
gold and some liquor and meat to him. Xu Gu burned with anger and
jealousy. He therefore kept the liquor and meat and returned the gold.
When they returned to Wei, Xu Gu reported Fang Sui as being a spy for
Qi. Fang Sui was badly beaten. Both his ribs and teeth were broken and
he almost died. A guard had pity on him and secretly set him free. Fang
Sui changed his name to Zhang Lu and hid out.

Several years later, Qi sent an envoy to Wei. A friend of Fang Sui
happened to be on duty in the courier station where the envoy was
staying. The envoy asked him: "Do you know of any talented people who
are willing to go to Qi?" Fang Sui's friend answered: "My home town has
a person named Zhang Lu and he wishes to talk to you about world
events. But he has enemies so he dares not to come here during the day
time." The envoy said: "Tell him to come at night." When Fang Sui came
to talk to the envoy, the envoy knew Fang Sui was a talented person
from their conversion. He told Fang Sui: "Please wait for me tomorrow
on my way to Qi."

The envoy left Wei the following day and hid Fang Sui in his vehicle to
return to Qi. Qi's emperor appointed Fang Sui as prime minister. Under
the administration of Fang Sui, Qi became the most powerful country.

Why was such a talented person as Fang Sui unable to take his rightful
place in his own country? It was because of the jealousy of people.

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