A Record of Life: Yu the Great Fighting the Flood

By Xiao Lian

PureInsight | July 21, 2008

[PureInsight.org] Since our childhood, we have heard the tale about Yu the Great "Passing his own door three times without stepping in" during the thirteen years when he was fighting the flood. While we gasp in admiration of Yu's virtue, morality and dedication, we can also see that our ancestors were living in a very tough environment. Our civilization has experienced many challenges and sufferings, and has been passed down to us to the present day with the tremendous help of numerous people of great virtue.

It has been a long time since I wanted to write about this topic. Today, I would like to take this opportunity to talk about it.

We know that a god who comes to the human world to do things must conform to the rules of human society. In general, he will not display his divine powers. Yu the Great was the descendant of Huangdi, the Yellow Emperor. Yu's father was assigned by King Yao to tame the raging waters but did not succeed. Later, King Shun recruited Yu as a successor to his father's flood-control efforts.

The source of the raging waters was actually from a very vicious evil dragon in a dimension at a low level. It wanted to test human and divine being's capability of taming the raging waters and thus brought the big flood to the human world. In addition, it also wanted to select some people whom it could use for different purposes later on. This vicious dragon was a newly created being without much experience. When the historic play of this civilization started, it was chosen by the existing vicious and old forces and has been doing harmful things to the human world ever since. Especially at the final stage of this civilization, it has a "deputy," a party that controls a government, and continues to insanely do vicious things.

As I said, the flood was brought by the vicious evil dragon, and thus it could not be fought by human means such as creating outlets for the raging waters. The factors brought by the dragon had to be eliminated in order to tame the raging waters from the source.

One day on a high mountain, Yu the Great was saddened by seeing the homeless people. He felt like there was a knife cutting into his heart when he saw the young children crying due to fright and hunger. He retired to his straw shed that night and sighed when suddenly the Dragon King appeared. The Dragon King said, "I have seen you suffering day and night for the people. I have several children and would like to ask my children to help you by sucking up the water." Yu the Great was very happy and said, "I will recruit your children tomorrow and will ask the people to pay gratitude to your kindness. But your children cannot fail to keep the appointment." The Dragon King then said, "All right. But I have to warn you in advance that one of my children is very arrogant, and I am afraid he will hold things up." In response, Yu the Great said, "Then I will then beat the drums three times, leaving a short break in between. After I have finished beating the drums three times, and if he has still not arrived, he will be killed because we need to save the people from the raging waters and that is a dragon's responsibility." "I will go back for now," said the Dragon King.

On the next day, Yu the Great beat the drums on time. All of the dragon's children, grandchildren and the gods who guarded the rivers arrived except for that arrogant dragon that did not come after the third drumming. Then Yu the Great pulled out a sword and swore to heaven, "I must kill this dragon to fulfill my promise!" Then the sword emitted numerous shining lights. At this moment, the dragon came forth slowly. In front of the people at the bottom of the mountain and in front of the gods in the heavens, Yu the Great killed the dragon. Later this place was named "Dragon Beheading Stand."

After the dragon was killed, Yu the Great asked the rest of the dragons to suck up the excessive water, and the many dragons went to various locations that had excessive water to suck it up. But there was interference from that vicious evil dragon who tried different means of frightening the other dragons away, but he was not successful. The dragons fought a difficult battle with the vicious evil dragon, but it finally escaped injured.

After the rest of the dragons had completed the task, they found a surprising phenomenon: a round seal mark appeared on their foreheads. Yu the Great touched the heads of the dragons with his hand, and then the dragons returned home.

The raging waters in that ancient time were soon tamed completely. This incident left human beings an unforgettable legend and historical reference. It taught people that Yu the Great tamed the raging waters to save millions of people, and killed the arrogant dragon to fulfill his promise. Gods awarded a seal to the dragons in order to form predestined relationships. Today, we are obtaining the Fa and assisting the Master along the sacred path!

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2008/7/5/53635.html

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