Escaping Time and Space


PureInsight | June 18, 2001

Your Head Goes Through a Thermal Pipeline

Once you were putting your bicycle back down in the basement of the high-rise apartment where you lived. On your way up and out, your mind a blank, you suddenly bumped into something and heard a “dong”! Then you felt some acute pains in your head and a sizzling sound in your brain, as if being cut into by a hot iron disk. You turned around to see what had just happened. It dawned on you that you had been absent-minded and had forgotten to bend your knees and head as usual to avoid the inch-wide thermal pipeline in the way.

You touched your own head and did not sense anything wrong or feel any trace of damage. However, it was clear in your mind now that you had just paid a debt of life and death. It was the Master who had protected you. At that critical moment the Master must have transformed all molecular particles in your whole body to become smaller in size than those of the iron pipe. Therefore, your head was able to magically go through the thermal pipeline without any hurt!

Living beings at different levels in the various realms have different sizes of particles that compose their bodies. The more microscopic the size, the finer the particles and the greater the energy. Then, of course, their thoughts will be purer. From this point of view, it is really true that mind and matter are manifested as one thing.

You Accidentally Stepped into Another Time Domain

On another occasion, as you were leisurely walking along your thoughts went blank and all of your surroundings seemed to disappear for a while. After you regained your awareness, you were surprised that you had already arrived at your destination. It took you only 5 minutes for the usual 15-minute fast walk. The speeding up and reduction by 10 minutes was due to your stepping into and going through another time-space domain.

During that period of time with a blank mind, you were without any attachment to the mind or matter in this dimension. You did not have the human mindset then. In that situation, this time-space could not regulate you and so you stepped into another time domain.

The living beings at different levels in the various realms have different ways of thinking. The closer one’s thought is to his/her true origin, the purer it is and the better it is in its degree of assimilation to the standards of a life at the high level.

Escaping from this time-space is not impossible. It only requires your thought to be pure enough to match the level of the righteous way of thinking and the wisdom needed. Then the Fa (rules) in that level won’t restrain you because you have met the requirements and are beyond the regulations. If your concepts about everything go beyond this time-space of human existence, then you are not bound by the human way of thinking. Under that condition, you’ll find out that postnatal warped notions have dominated your impure life; you’ll be amused by the human way of thinking but you won’t know the “why” of it, or you may know but won’t want to think about it. In your own words, you were “in the dream” with eyes wide open; your every action was done in a dream, because your true self should be in the Heavenly Paradise. Since you are progressing on your way “home,” you are going to wake up soon.

The Buddha Fa is harmonizing. Either from the viewpoint of the composition of the human body or from that of life’s deep secret and the evolution of the cosmos, the conclusion is the same: the “Gong of yours is as high as the level of your Xinxing”. This principle is created by the cosmic Dafa of Zhen-Shan-Ren.

Please allow me to cite Master Li’s poem, “Genuine Cultivation”:
With Zhen-Shan-Ren in heart,
Falun Dafa succeeds;
Constantly cultivating Xinxing,
Consummation is wonderful without bounds.

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