Get Rid of Human Notions, Sickness Will Go Away by Itself

Ji An (A Dafa Disciple in China)

PureInsight | June 6, 2014

[] My daughter and I went to a prison where my son was detained. We both cried at the scene. After we got back home, I felt a little bit numb in my face while I was cleaning up the kitchen. It seemed that my face was losing control. I said to myself: “What’s wrong with me? What’s my attachment? How can the evil force take advantage of me?” I then suddenly realized that I was very sentimental when I visited my son in the prison. I immediately said to myself: “That’s not good. I don’t want to hold onto that.” Human sentiments are things that cultivators need to get rid of in their cultivation process. Gradually, I felt that half of my body was beginning to lose control.

I started to send forth my righteous thoughts. I felt that I didn’t have enough power so I picked up the phone and called a couple of fellow practitioners to tell them what was going on with me. I asked them to come to my house immediately. Shortly afterwards, they arrived at my home. I leaned against the wall and then walked to open the door for the practitioners. Three fellow practitioners had come to see me. I tried very hard to wave my hand to tell them that I was okay. I had trouble controlling my face and my mouth, the fellow practitioners wanted to help me. I said I would do it myself and led them to a room. We started to send forth righteous thoughts right away. After that, we began to practice the exercises. I tried to stand up and to my surprise, I couldn’t stand up anymore. I decided to squat. Well, it turned out that I couldn’t even squat, so I simply sat on the floor. I had no fear in my heart. I said to myself: “If I can’t practice the exercises, I will just continue to send forth righteous thoughts.”

I told the fellow practitioners about my visit to the prison and how I was influenced by my human emotions and taken advantage of by the evil forces. The fellow practitioners said that even if I had been wrong in being attached to human sentiments, the evil forces were not allowed to control me. Our Master was looking after us. We were studying the Fa to try to cultivate ourselves in Dafa. There was no need for the evil forces to test us, nor were the evil elements qualified to test us. We spent some more time on SFRT and I felt much better. At around 10 PM, I asked the fellow practitioners to go home. One practitioner was still a little bit worried and wanted to stay with me that night. I told the practitioner that I was being taken care of by Master. She had no need to worry. Finally, they all left and in just a few minutes, I began to walk normally as if nothing had happened. My face was still a little bit awkward though. I didn’t sleep too much that night and kept sending forth righteous thoughts to get rid of any evil elements that were persecuting me. I didn’t have any fear or concern whatsoever. I asked Master to give me strength and told myself that I was protected by Master. Nothing was able to hurt me. I sent forth righteous thoughts throughout the whole night.

The next morning, I called my husband. My husband noticed that I had completely recovered and he was very excited and said: “Look, you were stumbling around last night, you knocked things down everywhere and you just recovered in one night. This is so amazing. I am relieved now that you are okay. You can go ahead and do whatever you want to do (referring to the “three things”). I will take care of the housework and you don’t need to worry about anything at home now.” I went out and started to do the “three things” together with other fellow practitioners as usual. No one mentioned anything about what had happened to me. We were simply not fooled by this fake sickness that was directed at me. It again validated what Master mentioned in the poem titled “Unimpeded”: “When one is attached to nothing, the path underfoot is naturally smooth.”

One day, during the Spring Festival last year, my husband said he was going to my neighbor’s house to help out. My neighbor was a widow. I had suspected that my husband had developed some kind of affair with that widow. I was very angry and said to my daughter: “Why isn’t he dead now, I will be relieved if he was dead.” While I was complaining about my husband in this way, I felt my stomach churning. I immediately opened the door and went outside. As soon as I was outside I began to vomit blood. I realized that I had just done something wrong, and I placed my hand on my mouth and said to myself: “Why didn’t I cultivate my speech? Why? Master, please forgive me, I am sorry. I don’t want to get attached to anything. I want to follow your teachings. I want to go back to my original home. It was not the real me that had uttered those bad words. I don’t want to keep that part of me.” I was still vomiting blood. I was about to call fellow practitioners to help me, but decided that I could handle it all by myself. I said to myself: “Master is looking after me, why should I be afraid?”

I decided to drink some water to try to suppress the vomiting, but it didn’t seem to help. I then closed my mouth with my hands, and I felt a stream of cold fluid streaming from my nose. I wiped my nose and noticed that it was blood that was flowing out. I immediately said to myself: “That’s not right. I should not try to suppress the clean-up of my body. Let the bad stuff flow out from my body. Master is helping me clean up my physical body.” So, I grabbed a garbage bin and started to vomit voluntarily. While I was vomiting, I was telling myself: “Master, I am not sick at all, this is nothing. I don’t want to keep all the bad stuff.” Right then, I stopped vomiting. I took a look at the clock on the wall. It was already after 10 PM, so I decided to go to bed. At first, I wanted to sleep right away without even taking off my clothes. I realized I was afraid that I might vomit again, that was why I hadn’t taken off my clothes. I had developed fear in my heart, so I said to myself: “No, that’s not right, why should I be afraid of anything?” I then took off my clothes and went to bed as usual. I kept sending forth righteous thoughts in my mind. The next day, I got up as usual as if nothing had happened to me.

Ever since then, I had gotten rid of all my attachments to my husband’s affairs. I didn’t pay any attention to what my husband decided to do. I recalled what Master said in “Zhuan Falun”: “Who is your mother? Who are your children? When you take your last breath no one recognizes anyone, and you still have to pay back the karma you owe.” I said to myself: “I have been trying hard to save sentient beings, my husband is also a sentient being. He must have had a very strong predestined relationship with me, I definitely need to save him as well. I need to save all sentient beings.” A few days later, my husband approached me and told me that he would never go to the widow’s house anymore; he assured me that he wanted to live with me. He said that I was the best person in the world. My husband then gave me around 10,000 Yuan. I used the money to buy an electric bike so that I could travel to some faraway places to save more people. In the end, I’d like to quote two of Master’s poems. The first one is titled “New Life” from “Hong Yin”: “The degenerate perish, Light and brightness show.” The second one is titled “The Master-disciple Bond” from “Hong Yin, Vol. II”: “When disciples have ample righteous thoughts, Master has the power to turn back the tide.”

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