Believe in Master and the Fa One Hundred Percent Seize the Time to Save More Sentient Beings

PureInsight | December 1, 2014

[] I am a sixty-six-year-old practitioner. For years, I have been steadfastly seizing every chance to clarify the truth and save sentient beings I passed by. In order to clarify the truth, I often chased after those with whom I had an affinity. Whenever I encountered any issues, I thought of what Master said in the book, and the Fa soon appeared in my mind. My firm belief in Master and in the Fa and Master’s benevolent protection have enabled me to steadily carry out the three things until now.

1. Witness the Miracle of the Fa

I was fortunate to obtain the Fa in the winter of 1998. My cousin had contracted Fibromyoma and couldn’t afford expensive medical care. Someone introduced her to Falun Gong. She hadn’t read the book, but she found the practice miraculous upon doing the exercises. She regained strength after practicing the exercises two or three days later and felt as if she were stepping on cotton. Whenever she used the restroom, she saw plenty of blue plates twirling. One day, she heard something turning like the wind and figured that it was her husband who forgot to switch off the fan. She checked the room but found nothing. After talking with a fellow practitioner at the practice site, she realized that it was a Falun and has steadfastly practiced Dafa since then. I was diagnosed with Rheumatic Heart Disease and Ménière's disease (also known as Labyrinthine Hydrops), which caused recurring episodes of vertigo, fluctuating hearing loss, tinnitus and swelling of the ears. In the 80s when I was assigned to work in the mountains, my living condition was poor, and I had to bring a lunchbox every day. My feet swelled in the end, and I had a hard time going to the mountains and working in the fields. My production leader let me rest. When I continued to rest, the leader asked me whether I was there to work or rest. I later had a medical checkup to obtain proof and then transferred back to the city. I was busy with my business, but very often I would close the shop whenever I felt ill. My cousin told me to practice Falun Gong, and I asked her if that would be useful. I felt better after practicing for a day. Two or three days later, significant changes took place, and I sensed the Falun twirling in various parts of my body. I then began walking the path of cultivating Dafa steadfastly.

In fact, numerous miracles occurred after people started practicing Dafa and realized the truth. When the Shen Yun CDs came out, I clarified the truth to a patient with Pulmonary Tuberculosis. He received a Shen Yun CD which was slipped under his door by a fellow practitioner. His illness treatment cost him a lot, but to no avail. After hearing my truth clarification, he watched the Shen Yun CD over and over again at home. One day, he spitted out lots of blood and thought that he was about to die. However, his family found him recovering. He then had a checkup which showed that there was no Pulmonary Tuberculosis. His doctor inquired about how he recovered. He told the doctor he was afraid they wouldn’t believe that he was cured after watching the Shen Yun CD repeatedly. His doctor replied that what Falun Gong said was true and that he would tell his patients to watch the Falun Gong truth CDs and Shen Yun CDs more.

2. Study the Fa and Truly Cultivate to Eliminate Human Attachments

I used to have trouble memorizing the Fa and forgot the Fa easily. Then I recited the Fa by heart. Before heading out for truth clarification, I studied the Fa for three to four hours every morning. Only by Studying the Fa well could I do the three things well, given that righteous thoughts stem from the Fa. I have already recited the Fa by heart once and seemed to reach a state of photographic memory. Upon facing troubles, Master’s Fa would reveal itself in my mind promptly. I fortified my righteous thoughts and belief in Master and the Fa a hundred percent and truly cultivated in accordance with Master’s requirements.

I retired early and ran a business selling rice noodles in another province to save money for my daughter. Even though I obtained the Fa, I was stuck with work and didn’t study the Fa much. With high self-esteem, I was excellent in every aspect of schoolwork. However, I had an inferiority complex because my father was a Kuomintang officer, which evoked my eagerness to excel and strong attachment to bellicosity. There was once a customer who criticized that I didn’t tie up the plastic bag properly and asked me to retie it. I felt uncomfortable and said it was done appropriately. She then threw a bowl at me. Had I been my old self, I would have hit her back. I knew it was time to eliminate my attachment to bellicosity, so I approached her with a smile. Another time, there was a man who came to exchange eggs. I told him that if everyone did that, I couldn’t run a business. However, on second thought, wasn’t that to eliminate my attachment to benefit and gain? I then exchanged eggs with him. Some people asked me what I would do if the man exchanged every day. However, no one came to exchange again. I was enlightened that everything that happens to us is arranged by Master for us to get rid of human attachments. Nothing that occurs is irrelevant to our improvement.

When first clarifying the truth, I didn’t dare to reveal myself as a Falun Gong practitioner. One time, I went to a public bath, and a woman rubbed my back for me. I then clarified the truth to her, and in the end she asked me if I practiced Falun Gong. I told her to not worry about it and wanted to conceal my fear. Upon walking out of the public bath, I tripped, and my leg swelled for over three days. I didn’t take it seriously despite the fact that I knew it was my problem. A while later, I went to another public bath and clarified the truth to a person I met there. In the end, she asked me if I practiced Falun Gong, and I again told her to not worry about it to disguise my fear. Again, I tripped while walking out of the public bath. I realized not only that I should be enlightened, but also that carrying out actions is cultivation.

There once was a fellow practitioner clarifying the truth in my rice noodle store when a community policeman overheard it and threatened to report him. Some of the fellow practitioner’s attachments emerged, and he agitated the policeman. People from the local residents' committee and police station found my store shortly afterwards. I was a bit in panic as a transit depot, which supplied hundreds of materials to local fellow practitioners every week, was in my store. It crossed my mind that it was a human notion, so I denied it. Instead, I thought to myself that only what Master says counts and that no one should interfere with me. Those who came merely asked about the arrangement of the pass for temporary stay and then left.

The cell phone fees for truth clarification were pricy, but I took it as an issue of believing in Master and the Fa. If I believe in Master and the Fa a hundred percent, wouldn’t Master help us solve any living problems? After changing my thoughts and reinforcing my righteous thoughts, a fellow practitioner resolved the problem. Another time I spent all the money for living expenses. I didn’t receive a utility fee, and the utility meter showed no power consumption for three months. My daughter found it mysterious. I used to take money seriously, and my children and grandchild would come to me for money with the excuse of needing to pay living expenses. After I relinquished the attachment to money, they changed accordingly and returned the money.

3. Seize the Time to Save More People

Clarifying the Truth to a University Teacher

A university teacher came to my store very often. One time, he came with a colleague, and I clarified the truth to them. He said to me, “An elderly woman with a junior high school education level like you tried to reason with me. It was pretty hilarious.” I told him about the self-immolation at Tiananmen Square, pointing out that an ordinary person couldn’t sit still when being burned like that and that it was like a stunt in the movies. He replied, “The self-immolation was a sham, and I knew it already. What does that have to do with me?” I responded, “We know that when we were young, chicken was edible even though some contracted fowl plague. How come animal borne diseases are passed to human beings nowadays?” The teacher said that if I could clarify it thoroughly, then he would quit the Communist Youth League. I said that nowadays disrespectful children beat their parents; moreover, some old-aged people patronize prostitutes who are as young as their granddaughters. There are criteria for being humankind. When a person doesn’t meet the criteria, higher beings wouldn’t treat the person as a human being. If the person isn’t a human, isn’t he deemed an animal? Wouldn’t the person be infected by animal diseases? The teacher laughed and said that I had a point and asked, “We didn’t join the Communist Party; we only joined the Youth League and the Young Pioneer. You can help us quit them.”

Clarifying the Truth to Elementary and Junior High Students

I went to junior high schools and elementary schools for truth clarification whenever I was available. In the beginning, they told me that they believed in science and atheism. I answered with a smile, saying that they must have done some physics and scientific experiments at school and couldn’t deny that things may exist even if they could not be seen. It is like sleeping at home at night. When the light is switched off, we still exist. Besides, America dropped two atom bombs in Japan, but did you see the bombs with your eyes? Even so, you can’t deny their existence. In addition, every one of you has a cell phone, but none of us can see the signal. We make phone calls whenever they are turned on. I told them that I was doing it for their sakes because they were like flowers and had a bright future. Were they aware that the red scarves they wore were dyed with blood? They said the blood was that of martyrs. I then asked them if they found that disgusting, and they agreed. By that time, I told them about the Tiananmen Square self-immolation along with Dafa truth, which made them quit the CCP (Youth League or Young Pioneer).

Clarifying the Truth to Youth

Once when clarifying the truth face to face, I ran into a young man who was in the interior industry. He told me what I said was good, but he wondered whether he could get a wife if he believed it. Upon pondering about this, I was granted wisdom by Master. I told him, “Young man, modern Chinese society has been morally declining. Many corrupt people dare to commit wrongdoings; men have more than one mistress, and women fall for bad men. Women, however, can’t stand it if men commit wrongdoings. On the contrary, a genuine female looks for a sincere man with whom to spend her life. If you can genuinely be a good and compassionate person and establish a good reputation, friends and neighbors around you will find out and introduce you to a girlfriend. Matchmakers may line up in your house, proposing marriage.” He then burst into laugh and said, “You have made a point, aunt, but it isn’t like a walk in the park.” I asked him to try his best, and he delightfully quitted the CCP along with affiliated organizations. He also said that if he found himself a wife, he would come to me for gratitude and practice Falun Gong.

For years, I have been making an all-out effort to make the best use of time to save sentient beings in accordance with Master’s requirements. The crucial points are steadfastly studying the Fa well, constantly measuring one’s every thought with the Fa, and fully trusting Master. Fa-rectification hasn’t come to an end. I will continue diligently doing the three things well in order to repay Master’s saving grace.

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