Believe Firmly in Dafa: Removing the Attachment of Fear

PureInsight | December 8, 2014

[] One day in 2006, our local Fa study group was studying the Fa at a fellow practitioner’s house. Because we were studying all day, at noon I took some time out to distribute truth clarification materials nearby where I was reported by an ordinary person and arrested by the police. The police took me to the police interrogation room and started to ask where I was from and what my name was. I did not reply to them directly; I clarified the truth about the Tiananmen self-immolation and at Pingtang County in Guizhou province where a stone was found embedded with six naturally occurring words: “Chinese communist party dies.”

Dafa’s Master is compassionate and has told his disciples to earnestly clarify the facts and save more people — the police included. I had said a lot in one breath, and the weather that day was very hot, 42 degrees, so the police wanted me to rest for a bit, they even poured water for me. In my heart I sent forth righteous thoughts, “this isn’t the place for me to stay; after clarifying the truth I will go back home.” Right after I had that thought, the police immediately said that they would take me back home, though I told them that it was alright just to send me to the bus station. The police then asked if I had money. I said I did. The three police took me to the bus station where we waved goodbye.

Another time, a fellow practitioner and I arranged to go out and distribute truth clarification materials. While distributing materials, a police car was tracking us. After getting out of the car, the policeman snatched away our truth clarification materials and then came to arrest us. I immediately sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil. After we had walked some distance away, I looked back and saw that the police was still standing there, motionless.

I am the oldest member of our Fa study group and also live quite far away. Hence, age and distance are both things I have to overcome to make group Fa study on time. However, during the past three years, my cultivation state clearly has not been as good as it used to be. I frequently dozed off during Fa study, can’t finish a lecture of Zhuan Falun daily, and my body has become frail. Moreover, I can no longer see at all with my left eye; the vision in my right eye is also very poor. This has also adversely affected my truth clarification; each week I can only go out twice to save people. The fellow practitioners from my group have to hold my hand while walking slowly. Since my eyes can’t even see, they don’t even want to clarify the truth together with me. Recently, my right arm also ached for three months. It was hard to maintain my own livelihood, much less save the world’s people. I looked within to find where my gaps were. Why was I taken advantage of by the old forces and persecuted? After discussing and exchanging ideas with fellow practitioners, we realized that the reasons for not being able to improve and elevate were as follows:

I. Cultivation is not for Doing Things, but to Improve Xinxing

Cultivation is the removal of human attachments layer by layer. There are human attachments in each layer, such as competitiveness, jealousy, comfort, showing off etc. Behind every one of these human attachments is a White-Boned Demon. If I don’t remove these human attachments, these White-Boned Demons will incite trouble in my dimensional field and persecute my body causing destruction to my sentient beings. For example, while eating, I like to sit together with my spouse and watch the weather report and various other television programs. Fellow practitioners had pointed this out to me many times before, yet I didn’t correct myself. Watching television is a human attachment bringing demons to one’s door where the demons enter my dimensional field through my eyes causing my eyes to not be able to see. As time passes, more and more demons will gather. Cultivation is very serious; indulging in the demon nature will bring demonic interference to my cultivation.

II. Small Tribulations Become Big Tribulations

My husband, son, and daughter-in-law often test me. Because my attachment to competitiveness is very strong, sometimes I can’t help but argue with them; sometimes I would even curse at them. I didn’t realize that they were helping me to cultivate, helping me to improve and transform my karma. When many small tribulations accumulate, they become a large tribulation. How am I going to pass it then? I also have conflicts with fellow practitioners. I would often complain about, or criticize fellow practitioners. Master taught us to look within and cultivate ourselves, and yet I always look at other people’s weak points – looking outward. Thus I could never improve myself.

III. Dependent on Others

I had always been dependent on fellow practitioners to help me to improve. To adore fellow practitioners is a big loophole. Fellow practitioners are also humans cultivating. We are to take the Fa as the Master and cultivate upwards. We have to respect Master and respect the Fa, and only through following Master can we cultivate to success. In the past, there was someone in our group who adored the coordinator. After the coordinator was illegally kidnapped by the police, that fellow practitioner collapsed. This lasted for a few years. He was dragged down by the old forces and passed away.

I still have a lot of human attachments. I hope to quickly regain the state I had when I first took up cultivation, save more people, honor my vows, and return home with Master.

Thank you Master!
Thank you fellow practitioners!

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