One Must Get Rid of One’s Lust

PureInsight | January 7, 2015

[] A cultivator must get rid of lust; one should never try to hold onto one’s attachment to lust. Lust is like a poisonous snake, lurking somewhere, waiting to attack cultivators. For cultivators, lust is one of the attachments that must be eliminated at the very beginning; otherwise, it will be impossible for a cultivator to improve oneself.

Nowadays, porn is everywhere. Books, magazines, internet, etc. all these mediums are filled with pornographic materials. Even some major web sites are blatantly showing porn images. So, whenever one searches something online, one will easily run into many porn materials. A cultivator must remain determined to refuse such information with strong righteous thoughts. As long as one keeps one’s thoughts righteous, one can overcome such interferences.

I myself had one damaging experience with lust. Once, I got an iPad from a friend who didn’t cultivate at all. I had always been interested in such a device and thought of buying one myself. I could get to see all kinds of information very easily, so an iPad would be very handy for me. After I got this iPad, I began to use it to watch online videos. At first, I was just watching animated cartoons. Later, I found that the owner of the iPad had downloaded many games and video programs. I was curious so I started to play with those games and programs. One day, I accidently found a program called PPTV on the iPad, there were a couple of videos in the program, and from the images of those videos I realized that there was porn. I should have deleted those videos right away, however, I was not strong, my curiosity pulled me and I went ahead and played those programs. There were all together four videos in the program, every one of them was explicit porn; it was simply terrible to watch such videos. As if I was controlled by someone else, I began to watch those videos. Even though I didn’t finish watching all the videos, I got to see the majority of them. Afterwards, I felt very discouraged, I understood I had rushed myself into something that I should never touch, and I had lost control. I then deleted all those videos, but it was already too late, something terrible followed.

That same night, I got up around 4.00am to do the exercises. When I was doing the standing stance, I vaguely heard something outside my bedroom. At that time, my husband was out of town on a business trip, only my daughter was living with me in the same room. I didn’t pay too much attention the first time I heard something, I continued to do the exercises. In a short while, I heard another similar sound, I became a little bit agitated, I rushed out and yelled in the hallway: “Who are you? What are you doing there?” I turned on the lights, but there was nothing in the house. When the day broke, I went outside my front door. I immediately noticed that the window curtain in one room was pulled down, but I clearly remembered that I didn’t pull down the curtain in that room at all. I realized that something was in the room!

This was not the end of it. The second day, I again got up early in the morning to do the exercises, suddenly, I heard some kind of breathing sound in the room, it was very light. I couldn’t tell whether it was from a kid or an adult. I turned on the light right away, the sound was gone. I continued to do the exercises. The next day, when I was doing the sitting mediation exercise, I heard twice that someone was yawning from the living room. I rushed outside, again, nothing was there. By then I started to send forth my righteous thoughts, I began to seek inwards as well. I became a little bit scared. Even though I had already cultivated for many years, I understood that there existed ghosts or other beings in other dimensions, but my celestial eye was not yet open, I had only experienced strange things in my dreams. It was my first time to experience such interferences from other dimensions.

I looked inwards and realized that it must have been my lust that had brought in the evil. What a huge hole in my cultivation! One should never take a light-hearted approach to such an attachment. I had read many stories from the Minghui Weekly magazine on how one got ruined by lust. It was a serious issue indeed. I became frightened so decided to send forth righteous thoughts frequently. When I couldn’t get to sleep during the night due to fear, I would get up and send forth righteous thoughts. In the first few days, I was so afraid that I dared not do the exercises in the morning. I simply kept sending forth righteous thoughts to get rid of lust. I wanted to eliminate any lust elements from my body, I wanted to eliminate any interferences. I said to myself: “I am a disciple of Falun Dafa, no matter how my current cultivation status might be. No low level demons are allowed to interfere with my cultivation. Anyone that is doing so is committing a crime. All those evil elements that are not willing to accept a peaceful solution will be completely eliminated, all the dark hands will be putrefied and changed into their primordial forms.”

I kept doing like this for some days, even though I couldn’t see anything in other dimensions. I could feel that I was not fearful anymore, my body was getting warmer. I was determined that as long as the interference was not over, I would keep sending forth righteous thoughts. In about 2 or 3 days, I suddenly noticed some red blood in my urine. It was not my usual period time, and I had never experienced such a thing before. In the next few days, I could see blood in my toilet, but I myself didn’t have any discomforts at all. I realized that those evil elements within my body had been dissolved.

It has been a while since I ran into this incident. I still keep sending forth righteous thoughts determined to get rid of my attachment to lust.

I still feel a bit frightened while writing this article now. This is really a serious matter. Yesterday, I was reading Master’s new lecture “Fa Teaching Given at the 2014 San Francisco Fa Conference”. The following phrase from the lecture startled me, “As I mentioned earlier, there are countless beings in the cosmos. I have told you that I am doing Fa-rectification from the middle of the cosmic body and progressing toward both sides. The reason Fa-rectification hasn’t yet reached humankind is that so far I haven’t reached all the way to the end. I am progressing in both directions; on this side I haven’t gotten to the surface and on that side I haven’t yet reached the very top. The cosmic body is so enormous that it is unfathomable even to gods. There are so many lives that it’s simply impossible to measure or imagine. Sometimes even I am shocked by it. So many beings are watching you intently. Your every single thought and every single action are being watched by countless beings! What I am saying is that a person’s every thought is seen by countless gods! None of them are going to intervene, but all of them are watching, and ultimately they will assess how you, as a being, measure up.”

After I finished reading the above phrase I felt so ashamed. Cultivation is a serious matter, only one knows one’s own Xinxing level, one can never fool others, one can only fool oneself. Only through solid cultivation can one improve steadily, there is simply no other way around it.

Fellow practitioners, we really need to get rid of our lust, we don’t want to hold onto a single bit of it. I had always regarded myself as someone who had already detached from human lust. I had always kept away from porn materials. I had also tried my best to avoid too much intimacy with my husband, yet, I had just lost control of myself. As a matter of fact, I didn’t run into this incident by chance, there were still many elements within my body that were strongly tied to human lust. That was why I had run into this trouble. Nowadays, a single casual event, such as watching a movie or TV, or some other entertainment, might get one exposed to porn. So, we must keep our righteous thoughts all the time. If we don’t improve our Xinxing, we will make mistakes, and we might just as well get ourselves ruined. Even though I had been trying very hard to avoid sex with my husband, and it seemed that I had a very solid cultivation in this aspect, it was just an ordinary people’s action. It was not a result of one’s Xinxing improvement. It was not a manifestation of one’s stable Xinxing cultivation. If we don’t fill a hole, dirty water will inevitably flow in.

I usually pay great attention to my appearance. When I see a beautiful dress, I feel like I am sitting on a hot stove if I can’t buy that dress. As a result, I have been very interested in monetary gain. Whenever I see porn in TV programs, I will often turn away, but deep in my heart, I am still curious and moved by the scene. All such things won’t reveal themselves easily to others. If I am telling you that I don’t know these things, I am simply lying. Usually, I won’t think too much about such things, as a result, the hidden attachment to lust got buried.

This dirty lust will only lead a cultivator to hell. We have re-incarnated for so many lives, we have already experienced so many histories, and we really should not get ruined by a single mistake. We must remain stable, read more Fa, and do the “three things” responsibly. We must send forth righteous thoughts to clean up our own fields, and don’t let those evil elements take advantages over us.

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