A Sharing to Both Practitioners in Mainland China and Abroad to Emphasize Clarifying the Truth to Tour Guides

PureInsight | February 13, 2015

[PureInsight.org] Recently, a relative of mine who understood the truth about Falun Dafa went to Hong Kong and Macao for a tourist trip. When she returned, I asked her how the situation with Dafa was abroad. She said, “Before departing, the tour guide told us that upon arriving abroad, one must not accept pamphlets from Falun Gong and must not interact with any of their people. If anyone runs into problems in this regard and are arrested, our tour group will not bear any responsibility.” In regards to tourism, tour guides are often considered trustworthy and having a wealth of knowledge and experiences. What are the en-route hazards? What should one pay attention to? Tour guides are clear on all of this. Consequently, the words of the tour guide weigh heavily on tourists. If a tour guide were to say positive words about Dafa, the entire tourist group will have a good impression of Dafa and thus be saved. On the other hand, if a tour guide says alarming words, it will cause the entire tour group to have a conflict with Dafa, causing problems when we clarify the truth. What is the tour guide “guiding”? Where is he guiding people? This is very critical, and is also a focus of ours when we clarify the truth.

When touring outside of a country, tour guiding works like a relay: a mainland china tour guide leads tourists to Hong Kong, where a Hong Kong tour guide will lead tourists to go sightseeing and shopping. Then at Macao, there is a Macao tour guide that leads tourists to go sightseeing and shopping. My relative said, “Some tour guides are very good and let the tourists observe Falun Gong exhibitions. Others aren’t so good and don’t let us approach Falun Gong exhibitions. Especially when going back to the mainland, domestic tour guides will often say, “We don’t take any responsibility for anyone who takes Falun Gong materials and gets caught by the security check”. This has made everyone tense. However, they don’t actually check for these things at security checks. On the surface, this appears to be the work of the evil party’s propaganda, where they are making the sins of tour guides who don’t understand the truth. In actuality, this is a specific arrangement the old forces made to destroy people. If we can get the truth across to tour guides, it will be like achieving twice the effect with half the effort.

A fellow practitioner once told me this: His relative was about to drive to Hong Kong to deliver some goods. Before leaving, he was a bit anxious, as he didn’t know where to go after arriving at Hong Kong? The fellow practitioner told him, “When things get difficult, find a Falun Gong exhibition spot. Dafa disciples would all help you.” As it turns out, when this relative got to Hong Kong, he really did get lost, and became very anxious. He found a Dafa exhibition spot, and a Hong Kong fellow practitioner personally took him to where he wanted to go. The relative was very grateful for this matter for several years thereafter. I racked my brains wondering the following:

I. Overseas practitioners should value tour guides – especially mainland tour guides, and establish groups that specifically look to clarify the truth to and send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil behind these tour guides. We should treat them like family and harbor a heart of truly having their best interests in mind to clarify the truth to them about Dafa. For every one of them that is able to understand the truth, it may as well lead to a batch of people understanding the truth. Because tour guides are only those few people, it should be fairly easy to make breakthroughs.

II. Mainland Chinese have a characteristic: they desire overseas relatives, friends, or acquaintances. When clarifying the truth to tour guides, we can bring emotions closer by giving them telephone numbers, business cards, and other contacts in an effort to establish a type of friendship. We should tell them, “Dafa disciples are the most kind-hearted people on the earth; if you or your family members ever come abroad and need assistance, we will do our best to help.” We should have them feel in their hearts the compassion and trustworthiness of Dafa disciples. If you treat them well, they’ll naturally be able to feel it. Therefore, their understanding of Dafa spreading will progress smoothly.

III. Mainland Dafa disciples also have to take note: is there anybody among your relatives that has been a tour guide? If so, do not let them slip by. No matter what, you must clarify the truth to them thoroughly. If we can get one of these people to understand the truth, it equates to a batch of people understanding the truth.

This is just a suggestion for mutual discussion. Please compassionately correct anything inappropriate.

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/node/137433

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