Insight from a Practitioner Learning Sales: A Good Member Relies Only on Fa to Create an Indestructible Body

Hua Wang

PureInsight | June 8, 2015

[] Ordinary people emphasize a group mentality in sales. They have a system and standard built on individual qualities, such as sales skills training, overall arrangements for the whole body, cooperation and coordination among members, etc. These are all things we need to learn and draw from. As for a body of practitioners, the central question is how to form an indestructible body, step by step.

The Power of the Whole Can Compensate for Individual Shortcomings

Due to the old force’s restraints, many practitioners’ ordinary skills and competence aren’t spectacular. Some even have no skills whatsoever, but as long as each of us extends a hand, uses practitioners’ righteous thoughts to reinforce ourselves, display our best abilities obtained through cultivation, let our practitioner body become an omnipotent “thousand-hand Avalokitesvara” and rely on the whole body’s power, we could do things that sentient beings from higher levels would admire. Only after gaining their acceptance can we save them and their corresponding sentient beings on earth, thus finishing our Dafa projects successfully. Whether it’s Shen Yun promotion or Dajiyuan advertising, they all require the elevation of the practitioner body in order to do well.

The central question we’ve faced over ten years of cultivation is how to form one body. On the surface, it seems easier to cultivate yourself well, because we have control over our own matters. As long as we put in more heart, study Fa more, exercise more, send forth righteous thoughts more and seize the time to save people, as long as we have these true thoughts, it seems like forming one body isn’t too hard to accomplish. The hardest thing to do is motivating fellow practitioners who aren’t diligent and changing those practitioners in charge who aren’t on the Fa, because these all involve changing someone else which is outside of our own control. If someone isn’t on the Fa, “who can change his heart?”

Forming a Body is our Primary Concern

We’ve seen the following situation in many regions of many countries: as a result of the old forces concentrating their efforts to interfere with some practitioners in charge, or veteran practitioners, other practitioners see that they have heavy human notions and focus on doing things every day and slack off in cultivation. Practitioners even begin holding deep grudges or aren’t satisfied with each other. Many practitioners receive complaints from other practitioners because they didn’t pass a test well. As a result, they aren’t able to come back under all the negative pressure, doubting whether they can consummate and become disheartened, slowly breaking away from the practitioner body. Some practitioners are always busy with their own private affairs, and the Dafa Association doesn’t think of ways to remind them, resulting in a slow downward spiral towards ordinary society, unable to extricate themselves. Faced with such circumstances, many practitioners feel helpless and gradually acknowledge this prolonged state of “internal friction and loose sand” rather than thinking about what they could do to help strengthen the whole.

Many practitioners realize that the evil has been largely eliminated; the real interference among practitioners is within us. Perhaps these damages include practitioners’ negative behaviour to inadvertently hinder the Fa-rectification’s progress. For example, when our heart isn’t pure while sending forth righteous thoughts, we produce a sticky substance that not only obstructs ourselves, but also prevents other practitioners’ supernormal abilities and gong from having an effect.

In the past, we’ve all had many Fa study sharings after studying the Fa for two hours. However, these sharings often become “scolding sessions” or “negatively exposing sessions”. The origins of the comments are: “This is his fault. That is his fault. I’m also at fault, but it’s mainly your fault.” This may just be the old forces’ arranged illusions, personal feelings or blind comments that don’t capture the negative mood permeating the practitioner body. With such comments, it would be better to not have these discussions. The result will only be a further lack of cohesive strength.

Suppose scolding and complaining about others can help someone elevate. Then if we had criticizing sessions, could everyone enter a state of selflessness? This is the illusion that the communist party has instilled. It is impossible for someone to change for the better through scolding and complaining. The more one is scolded, the more one breaks. The more complaint one receives, the more rebellious they become.

In one country’s Shen Yun promotion, tickets just would not sell in the beginning. One weekend, everyone decided to strengthen group Fa study, to study together without a single distracting notion and sincerely discuss based on the Fa. The next day, the ticketing box had good news: many tickets were sold.

From this perspective, improving the quality of group Fa study, effectively forming a whole is much more important than blindly trying to fix specific tasks in various projects. Only cultivating one’s inner self can change the external. Not only must we all search inwards, the whole practitioner body must learn to search inwards. In times of difficulty, we must first eliminate internal conflicts so that the external problems may be resolved.

After strengthening Fa study, one country’s Dajiyuan newspaper sales increased 20 times. In the next article, we will discuss their success experience.

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