Visions of Other Dimensions:Hold Uncompromising Righteous Thoughts! Do Not Waver!

PureInsight | March 13, 2015

[] During years of practicing cultivation, I have noticed that many practitioners have a weak foundation in their cultivation. They do not loosen their grip to human attachments, especially when facing crucial “tests” of life or death. On the way towards completion in cultivation, some practitioners cannot conduct themselves as cultivators and cannot deal seriously with the choices they face, but compromise with evil and think it will be enough to recant their renunciations later. The Fa does not reveal itself this way at my level of cultivation. Cultivation practice is extremely serious. Every barrier and each tribulation a practitioner meets in cultivation, no matter large or small, is a serious test between human and divine.

A fellow practitioner was illegally put in a detention center by the evil police. Family members bribed the evil police with money and the practitioner also wrote a renunciation and got out of the detention center. What was revealed at my level of cultivation was that enormous sandstorms covered the entire sky, blocked the sun and for no reason blew simultaneously in the many dimensions to which this practitioner’s flesh had been reflected and which had not been assimilated to Fa. Wherever the sandstorms went in all those dimensions, the green mountains, pure water, prairies, cities and forests were completely covered and countless lives were swallowed up. After the sandstorms passed, everything in those dimensions that had been beautiful was replaced with wasteland and ruins without any vitality. Only some barely recognizable slowly petrifying remains of valleys or gullies were still being eroded away over time by the wind.

Fellow practitioners were illegally put into labor camps and sentenced by the evil. These practitioners could not endure the evil persecution. Due to human attachments, the practitioners compromised with the evil and wrote the so called “three statements”. If they could negate the evil persecution in time and undo the damage that had caused by compromising with evil, they gave up in mind and did not consider themselves as practitioners, then the Fa revealing itself at my level of cultivation was: In the dimensions to which their flesh had been reflected and that had not been assimilated to Fa, the black cloud of karma covered all brightness. In many of these dimensions, the temperature dropped extremely quickly. Meanwhile there were heavy snow storms. The temperature dropped so low that any life in these dimensions was frozen and it was still dropping. The snow that fell at the same time was as black as ink. It accumulated deeply on all the surfaces in the dimensions that the practitioner had not assimilated to Fa. When the snow and wind stopped, there was already no vitality in the dimensions that the practitioner had not assimilated to Fa. These entire dimensions and many other deep dimensions were quiet. Only “pa pa” echoed from time to time owing to ice cracking as it froze. I have realized that, although Master’s rectifying Fa has different strict standards for different lives at different stages and different time periods, if a practitioner is stuck in evil persecution for long time and cannot extricate himself or herself, those material factors and cosmic bodies of lives that do not meet the standards will be completely disintegrated as cosmic history proceeds. I saw that countless lives at many celestial dimension levels were eliminated by cosmic history because of the practitioner’s long held attachments.

As Dafa disciples, Dafa disciples at Fa-rectification period, a single thought of ours may determine the life or death of countless sentient beings. There is nothing small in Fa rectification cultivation. They are only things as large as heaven.

Master wrote in “For Whom do You Practice Cultivation?” in Essentials for Further Advancement, “Regardless of who or what social forces tell you not to practice cultivation anymore, if you then give up your cultivation, do you practice cultivation for them? Will they give you Righteous Attainment? Isn’t your inclination toward them blind faith? This, in fact, is true ignorance. Besides, we are not a qigong practice, but Buddha Fa cultivation practice. Isn’t any form of pressure a test to see whether your faith in the Buddha Fa is fundamentally strong? If you still are not fundamentally resolute in the Fa, everything else is out of question.”

The evil started to persecute Dafa on July 20th, 1999. Some fellow practitioners and I went up to Beijing to appeal to government offices in March, 2000. Then we were illegally put in a local detention center. After we were illegally locked up for more than 20 days, the evil police illegally brought every disciple in our district who had gone to Beijing for verifying Fa for interrogation. While I was in the corridor, I saw the relatives of fellow practitioners in some anterooms crying, sniveling and arduously persuading the practitioners to give up Dafa. The grey-haired parents of a practitioner knelt down in front of the practitioner and begged the practitioner to write a renunciation, abandoning Dafa. That was an afternoon. The sky was overcast. The atmosphere was oppressive. My chest was so tight that it was hard to breath.

I saw through my celestial eye that the other dimension to which the detention center corresponded was pervaded with material as gloomy as black fog. There were hundreds of thousands of looming ugly evils that looked half human, half animal or were extremely fearsome, weirdly shaped demons. Some of them wore simple armor. Some had a knife and gun in their hands. Some held strange cold weapons. But without exception they all stared at the practitioners with one, two or many red, light brown or yellow-green animal eyes. They were ready to jump in at any time and stab and bite the practitioners. It was a middle aged evil police officer who illegally fetched me for interrogation. There was a demon standing behind him in another dimension. Its whole body was dark red and covered with fine black hair. It was sturdy, about two meters high, and naked save for an animal skin wrapped around its waist. It also wore a black helmet with dark red halo around its head. There were eight arms at the sides of its body. Each hand held either a knife, a sword, an axe, a bell, a banner, a human skull, or a weirdly shaped pagoda. There was an iron ring of three fingers width in the middle of each upper arm and each ankle. Each iron ring was engraved with a circle of weirdly shaped characters for dead people to read. It wore a necklace made of a string of small animal skulls. Its two eyes had no pupils and the color of the eyes was like burning fire. When the evil police officer looked at me, the eyes of the demon behind him shot two dark red beams into my eyes. My flesh body immediately felt dizzy. Light confusion appeared. The evil police officer questioned me: “What is your attitude to Falun Gong?” I did not have any hesitation and said: “Firmly cultivate Falun Dafa.” Also I started to tell him my real experiences of improving health and mind and upgrading morality through studying Dafa. When I was halfway through, the evil police officer said: “You don’t need to say more. I only record your one sentence - firmly cultivate Dafa. You can leave.”

At this moment, all the evil spirits and the demon king I had seen in the other dimension suddenly disappeared without trace. The dimension field became incomparably bright. In the empty Fa realm Master's very great glorious image was displayed. Master wore a golden cassock and sat in a full-lotus position on a lotus stand made of eighty-one layers of lotus petals. Behind Master, there were nine colored auras emitting extremely bright light which shone on my mind and body. Master was smiling at me benevolently with pleasure. There were nine different looking gods on each side of Master. Each god held a book with both hands. One god in the form of a Buddha stepped out with a golden book in his hands. The book was as large as twice the size of A4 paper and 80 cm thick. This god kowtowed to Master and asked permission to add my name into the book. Master nodded his head to grant permission. My name (my name in the divine realm) was recorded on line seventeen, page thirteen. There were two characters in the Zhuan font in the center of the book cover, meaning “great enlightenment” in human language.

Master benevolently looked at me once again. My mind received Master’s sensing thinking: My son, be diligent! His voice continued to echo in my mind. Meanwhile my body became golden and reverberated at this moment. It turned golden from inside out. My whole body, the bodies in other dimensions and even every cell thrilled. I saw in the layers of dimensions corresponding to my flesh body that countless gods and sentient beings in every dimension were holding a grand celebration - kowtowing to thank Master's saving grace, praising the benevolent saving grace of Master's Dafa. The beautiful singing resounded through the sky. My pulse also beat with the happy drum and joyful singing. My tears wet my clothes without my knowing when. I was only thinking, “I did not disappoint Master's benevolent salvation. I did not disappoint the hope of the heavenly gods who trusted me and expected me. I had done what I should do.” At that moment, it seemed that everything in the mundane world had nothing to do with me. My mind had no thoughts and was tranquil. I was released as not guilty the next day. Many other determined female Dafa disciples were acquitted at the same time.

Fellow practitioners and I went up to Beijing to appeal to the government office again in October. When I came back, I was illegally put in the detention center of the city for over 30 days. No evil police interrogated me. During that period, they only urged my mother twice to go to the detention center to take me home. When I walked out of the detention center, a chilly wind blew on my face. Although I wore thin clothes, I did not feel cold at all.

My experience of these years of Fa-rectification cultivation is: As Dafa disciples, our uncompromising righteous thoughts to cosmic truth are not wavering at all. The uncompromising righteous thoughts of Dafa disciples are the premise for eradicating all obstacles in the journey of cultivation and are the fundamental guarantee for the countless gods of different kinds and the sentient beings in the immense cosmic body represented by a Dafa disciple to assimilate Dafa and enter the new cosmos. The uncompromising righteous thoughts to the cosmic truth of Dafa disciples are the most effective verifications of the great Buddha Fa in the mundane world.

I am just one of the ordinary Dafa disciples. During the fifteen hard years of evil persecution, there have been hundreds of thousands of Dafa disciples who have uprightly transcended the unprecedented catastrophe with uncompromising righteous thoughts. Even in the most evil and darkest dens, the divine radiance of Fa-rectification disciples has illuminated the bodies and minds of numerous humble lives. The journey of Fa-rectification cultivation that every Fa-rectification disciple transcended is a great brilliant epic of humans becoming divine. It will be revered in the future.

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