One Issue, Two Understandings

A Dafa Disciple in China

PureInsight | April 29, 2016

[] A fellow practitioner recently told a story about himself. He is the owner of a lumber (timber) store. One day, a customer came in to buy lumber and purposely measured less than what he actually took, using his own measuring tape. The practitioner noticed what was happening and began to argue with the customer. At first, the customer did not acknowledge his actions, but as this practitioner persisted and gave evidence, the customer had to eventually admit his wrongdoing.

Later that same day, the practitioner felt that his legs were hurting badly. He did not know what was wrong, so he decided to share the above story with other fellow practitioners.

After hearing this, one practitioner said, “What’s wrong, you ask? You should never have fought with that buyer in the first place. The buyer was giving you De, but you were pushing it away and fought vigorously. You treated a good thing like it was bad thing. We cultivators should endure hardships and losses with a clear mind, so you really should not have argued with that buyer to get the money back. The reason your legs hurt is because your karma was not transformed at that time.” Everyone present began laughing and thought that what he said made sense.

In my personal opinion, such an understanding is not wrong if we are just cultivating ourselves individually; however, as Fa rectification Dafa disciples, I think we need to improve our understanding. From Master’s teachings, I realize that as Fa rectification practitioners, we must correct anything that is not right. Has that practitioner corrected anything then? The customer was obviously acting improperly by reporting the wrong measurements to save money, and he was generating karma as a result. How could we be content with the customer giving us De? I do not think such an understanding is right. The practitioner should have explained to the customer compassionately that what he was doing was not right, that he was generating bad karma for himself and that he would have to suffer for it later on. We should be more considerate of others, because we do not want others to create more karma for themselves and want instead for them to have a bright future.

Ordinary people are lost, but we are not. Just think about it: if an ordinary person makes a calculated and ill-intentioned move against a Dafa practitioner, what kind of future would that person have? That person would surely incur a tremendous amount of sin. Besides, a Dafa practitioner’s property is part of Dafa resources. How could we let greedy people easily attain such resources?

If we approach such a buyer with a kind heart and gently let him know the consequences, the buyer would most likely thank us for helping him out. If we then continue to clarify the truth to such a person and help him to quit the CCP, we would have saved the person on the scene. I think this is what we should do.


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