My Thoughts on “Negating the Old Forces’ Persecution”

A Dafa Disciple in Hebei, China

PureInsight | May 30, 2016

[] Recently, a few local practitioners from our area passed away. These practitioners had been persecuted to death by the old forces through so-called illness karma. There are also a few other practitioners in our area who are being subjected to similar illness karma ordeals by the old forces. When some illness karma starts to persecute a practitioner, others in the area are affected as well; many practitioners would go to visit the person undergoing the persecution to help out by sending forth righteous thoughts together. However, the effect of this approach does not seem to be strong enough; many practitioners feel disheartened.

One practitioner says that this is a fatigue battle carried out by the old forces to wear us down and to try and stop us from doing what we are supposed to be doing right now. In many areas, whenever a practitioner is persecuted by illness karma, others ask that practitioner to keep looking within, yet they would not look within themselves. My wife was also a Dafa practitioner who was once detained in jail for a long time. After my wife was released from jail, she appeared to develop some serious symptoms of illness karma. Many practitioners tried very hard to talk to my wife, asking her to look within to see whether she could find any attachments. When my wife listed many of her attachments, other practitioners told my wife that those attachments were not the cause of her problems, and my wife was asked to seek deeper. She even started listing things that had happened during her childhood. In the end, my wife passed away helplessly as a result of the “illness karma” persecution.

I myself had also been seriously affected by illness karma. I tried very hard to look within, but I still felt helpless. My daughter said to me one day, “Dad, you should negate it. It is those old forces that are persecuting you. What do those old forces amount to? Who are you? You are a disciple of Falun Dafa, a student of Master. Even if you are not cultivating well and still feel attached to many things, you are already much better than those old forces!”

My daughter’s words startled me. Yes, those old forces took advantage of my attachments in order to persecute me, and I thought that I was being persecuted by the old forces because I was attached to too many things. What is the difference between my thoughts and those old forces’ excuses? It is obvious that I was actually acknowledging the persecution arranged and carried out by the old forces. So how does one go ahead and say no to those old forces?

For instance, if someone is going to kill you, do you first take the weapon from your enemy to avoid being killed, or do you instead tell your enemy, “Hold on, let me think about what sins I have committed?” If we keep looking within without standing up to negate the old forces’ arrangements, isn’t there something wrong with us already?

We should first negate the old forces; afterwards we should look within so that we will not leave any excuses for the old forces to persecute us.

It is really hard for those practitioners who are undergoing illness karma persecution to jump out of their current mentalities. Many such practitioners are confused and do not realize that they should first negate the old forces before looking within. We really should change our notions and clear up our thoughts so that we can completely negate any persecution arranged by the old forces.

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