The Miraculousness of Dafa

Lian Cheng, a Dafa Disciple in Mainland China

PureInsight | June 8, 2016

[] I obtained in the Fa in 1998. Before cultivation, I suffered from various illnesses; I was 40 years old at the time. I had been diagnosed with geriatric syndrome. I took medicine every day, but to no avail. After I began cultivating in Dafa, all my illnesses disappeared without a trace; the miraculousness of Dafa manifested itself in my body. Below I would like to share a few experiences of mine after I began practicing Falun Dafa. Please point out if there is anything inappropriate.

Passing the Test of Illness Karma
One day, I woke up to do the sitting meditation, and my legs started aching badly. I thought in my heart, “Is Dafa truly as miraculous as they say?” Every day I have to suffer this same hardship. I put down my legs and didn’t want to continue. After eating breakfast, I walked down the stairs and accidentally sprained my ankle. It hurt so much that I had to sit on the floor for quite a while before I could get up. I recalled that my thoughts when exercising in the morning were not right. When I came back home at lunchtime, my leg was already swollen. My family members told me not to go out – the more I walked, the less my leg would be able to heal. After dinner, I went out to attend our local Fa study group as usual, I did not think too much about my ankle. When I woke up to do the exercises the next morning, the swelling had subsided and my leg was as good as new. My family members all witnessed the miraculousness of Dafa, and the doubts I had toward Dafa changed into resoluteness.

One day I was helping a fellow practitioner’s family do some work and felt that my leg was aching a bit. On the way back home, it started hurting really badly. I thought to myself that I am a Dafa disciple, so I persevered in walking back home. After arriving home, my leg hurt so much that I couldn’t move it. What really worried me was that I couldn’t cross my legs to do the fifth exercise as I could not bend my right leg. I couldn’t even do half lotus, as it hurt excruciatingly. But as a practitioner, how could I not do the exercises? I grit my teeth and endured the meditation for half an hour. When the pain really became too much to bear, I put down my legs, let them relax for a bit and then crossed my legs for another half hour. My leg hurt badly for three continuous days. I thought to myself that no matter how much it hurt, I must still do the exercises. As a result, perhaps Master saw the resoluteness in my heart, and endured the karma for His disciple. I ended up crossing my legs for 80 minutes. My leg no longer hurt, and my family again witnessed the miraculousness of Dafa. Another time I woke up in a complete daze, as if I was suffering from a severe cold. The bones of my entire body ached. I thought to myself that whether this was karma elimination or persecution by the old forces, I would be resolute in believing in Master and the Fa and pass this test. So I sat up and crossed my legs to study the Fa. After studying about 30 pages, I suddenly felt much better. I then studied a while longer and all the abnormal symptoms I was experiencing disappeared without a trace. Under Master’s compassionate care, I again passed another test.

Improving Xinxing
I don’t live with my son and daughter in law. Sometimes I ask my son and daughter in law to come to my place and eat with me. But whenever they come, they always complain that this isn’t right, or that isn’t right. I felt much wronged in my heart. One occasion I invited them over to eat, and for some reason the food I cooked had a mouldy taste (I had used good grains and flour). I then subsequently received a round of criticism from my son and daughter in law. I could not work out what went wrong. There was once a practitioner who started out with mouldy grains and flour and ended up creating great food. And yet I started out with good grains and flour, so how did the food I cooked turn out to be mouldy? I thought about where my mistake may have lied and looked inside – wasn’t it sentimentality toward my son and his wife, wanting to hear compliments, and not cultivating myself that caused this? After I found these human attachments, eliminated them and followed the course of nature, my grains and flour never again turned out foul, and my son and daughter in law were also satisfied; everything became good again. It was just as Master said in Fa Teaching at the 2009 Washington DC International Fa Conference, “For a cultivator, looking within is a magical tool.”

Clarifying the Truth and Saving Sentient Beings
On July 20th 1999, the political gangster regime headed by Jiang Zemin started its crazed persecution of Falun Gong. Dafa Disciples were cruelly persecuted, and the land of China was enshrouded by red terror. Under this kind of sinister environment, I didn’t back down. Instead, I used every means possible to tell people the truth about Dafa, how Dafa had been wrongly accused, and that my Master was innocent. Every time I went out, I always carried with me truth clarification pamphlets, and I would seize every opportunity to distribute them and explain to people the truth about Falun Dafa. During that time, I only wanted to validate Dafa and save more people. Perhaps Master saw my steadfast heart for saving sentient beings - Master would strengthen and encourage me. As soon as I sat down to do the meditation I would become tranquil – it was the same with sending forth righteous thoughts. This state persisted for half a year. Later, I used the methods of writing truth clarification letters and making truth clarification calls etc to save people. Now I clarify the truth to people face to face.

One day I was clarifying the truth to a boy. I asked him, “Young man, have you heard of making the three withdrawals from CCP to ensure your safety?” Before I could continue, the young fellow said, “I have long wanted to withdraw, but I don’t know how to do it.” I said that I could help him. The boy said that his surname was Wang, and that he was both a college student and a party member. I helped him do the three withdrawals, and also gave him some truth clarification materials and firewall-breaching software. He was extremely happy - as if he had just obtained the most precious treasure, and repeatedly thanked me.

On another occasion, I was clarifying the truth to a gentleman. At the beginning, he didn’t exactly agree with me, so I started on the topic of how the communist party gained power. I continued on to talk about similar topics, such as the sea of corrupt officials today, the Tiananmen Square Massacre in 1989 and the persecution of Falun Gong. In the end I told him, “Heaven will eliminate the wicked party. We good people should not be eliminated along with it. Right now there are countless man-made and natural disasters. No matter how much money you make, you cannot ensure the safety of your life, if you quit the CCP you are gaining a lifeline without spending a cent. I am telling you this for your own good. Nobody has given me a cent. I only hope that you have a wonderful future.” After hearing these words, he understood. He told me his surname was Li, that he was a party member and that he worked at a certain company. I then made the three withdrawals for him and he repeatedly thanked me. It was just as Master said - it was like they were waiting for me. In fact, Master has long paved the road for us - it is up to us to act. My understanding is that as long as we believe in Master and the Fa, there is no test we cannot pass. Below, I’d like to share Master’s poem “True Character is Revealed” from Hong Yin II:

Be resolute cultivating Dafa, the mind unstirred
Climbing in levels is what’s fundamental
Faced with tests, a person’s true character is revealed
May you Consummate —
     a Buddha, Dao, or God

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