Son as a Military Surgeon: “Impossible not to believe”

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PureInsight | July 10, 2016


[] On 9th March this year, my husband suddenly got a severe fever. After checking in a hospital, it was diagnosed with two malignant tumors, one on each lung. In addition, it was at its terminal stage. My son and his wife, their daughter, her husband and my grandson, a whole group of people were all shocked on hearing the news. Some said, “We cannot tell father the truth.” Others said, “We call eldest brother and ask him what to do.”

My eldest son was a military surgeon. He opposed my faith in Falun Gong. I said he has been brainwashed by atheism, and would not recognize me as mother anymore. My youngest son told him and sobbed. He said if it was really this disease, no one can do anything. I took the phone and said, “You can choose letting your father stay in hospital or letting him practice Falun Gong with me. If he practises with me, it will be all good; no one can cure your father except my Master. If your father stays in hospital, you cannot save your father’s life even if all of you spend all your money. ” My son said, “You can ask him to practise with you.”

My husband was more obstinate than an ox most of the time. I asked him to recite “Falun Dafa is good. Zhen Shan Ren is good”, he just murmured and refused with a scornful expression. I knew he was angry, and then I told him, “You are in the terminal stage of cancer, only my Master can save you.” He wouldn’t believe but said: “What cancer? I am all right. I never did bad things, how can I get that disease! I am just having an inflammation; it will be cured with medicine for a couple of days!” I said, “Don’t be foolish, Junjian is coming home now. Don’t be stubborn anymore, you can see, in the past one or two decades, have you seen that I’ve contracted any disease after practising Falun Gong? You can see Gousheng’s mum, what disease she had! She became all good after practising Falun Gong, didn’t she? ” On hearing that our eldest son was coming home because of him, and in addition to seeing the expressions of the whole family, my husband realized it was true. After stopping for a while, he lowered his head and said sincerely, “I will recite!”

When our oldest son came home and saw that his father knew the situation, he told his father, “You should practise Falun Gong with mum seriously. This disease, if we have a way to cure it, we will, but you shall practise Falun Gong with mum when you need to.”

My husband was candid and irritable, if he thought something was right, no one could change him. He was really earnest when reciting: “Falun Dafa is good. Zhen Shan Ren is good”. I found a brochure named “Got It” for him. He gave it to other patients in the same ward after reading and said, “You should have a look, it can cure any disease.”

It was miraculous; his fever receded after three days when he began to recite. My sister-in-law heard his brother got cancer and came to see him, sobbing. A few days later, the doctor said he can go home. He was advised to eat and relax whenever he wanted. Basically just to satisfy his wishes so as to not leave too many regrets as it was obvious that the hospital cannot treat him anymore and wanted to discharge him.

On hearing that he was asked to leave the hospital, my husband was really happy. He said, “My disease was cured a couple of days ago, why should I stay here and spend money every day?!” After going home, he went to the river with a net to catch fishes. It appeared that his disease was cured.

My sister-in-law came to visit her brother again. On seeing that her brother was all good, she was surprised. My husband said to her, “You can try to recite: ‘Falun Dafa is good. Zhen Shan Ren is good’, this Dafa is really miraculous! ”

On sister-in-law’s birthday, all our family went to celebrate. Junjian came back too. We all ate together and talked. Relatives all asked how my husband’s disease was cured. He replied with a dignified and imposing voice, “I was cured by reciting: Falun Dafa is good. Zhen Shan Ren is good”. Falun Dafa is really good, doctors couldn’t cure my disease, and it was Dafa Master who saved my life. You should all bear this in your mind that: Falun Dafa is good. Zhen Shan Ren is good”. Sister-in-law added, “Now I recite: ‘Falun Dafa is good. Zhen Shan Ren is good’ everyday!”

Junjian invited his classmates for a party one day and we were also invited. One of his classmates got hemiplegia on a young age. I clarified the truth to him and he said he was also reading Zhuan Falun. I asked him where he found the book. He said after reading a brochure on Falun Gong, he asked someone to find a Falun Gong book for him but failed. No bookstore dared to sell the book. In the end he bought this Zhuan Falun from a waste collecting store.

Jujian came over and said, “I didn’t believe Falun Gong at all in the past but from my father’s experience, it was impossible not to believe. You can see how good my father’s vigor is! I saw his film and it was really terminal stage cancer. The hospital even gave up treatment, but he was cured immediately after he practises Falun Gong. No hospital in the world can cure his cancer but Falun Gong cured him! If this did not happen to my father, I wouldn’t have believed! Now it was impossible not to believe. The scientificity of Falun Gong absolutely surpassed the knowledge of modern medical science!”

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