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A Dafa Disciple from United Kingdom

PureInsight | May 18, 2017

[] I would like to share my recent cultivation experience over the last two and half months. This period of time has been a truly amazing cultivation experience that I hope will encourage you.

I’ve had serious sickness karma for many years. However, I do not want to dwell on this issue. The reason I tell you is that if you experience a tribulation like that, then hopefully you will be able see that you can still step up in cultivation no matter what.

Recently I had many tribulations: my boss did not favor me for a long while and then fired me from my job; my family relations with my wife became extremely tense to the extent that I had to move out short term; and I had sickness karma, which was extreme. It was like in Zhuan Falun Lecture 9: “An ordinary person cannot stand suffering such hardships and will think: ‘What am I living for? Why don’t I find a rope to hang myself and put an end to everything?’ I am just saying that one must be able to suffer the toughest hardships of all.”

During this time I shared my situation with practitioners and discussed things from the perspective of the Fa. I was touched that practitioners who I had not previously had deep conversations with opened up to me when I explained my situation. I moved to a place close to some practitioners. During this time we all encouraged each other to study together and share from the perspective of the Fa. We also did the exercises together.

I got a job interview for the highest Art establishment in the country, The Royal Academy of Arts. In the morning of the interview we did the exercises together and read a lecture. They had worked on the Zhen Shan Ren Arts project and had leaflets to give me, so I could clarify the truth at the interview. At the first stage interview there were three people interviewing me including the deputy finance director. I answered all of their questions well and explained the Zhen Shan Ren Arts project, including some of the work I had been involved in on the project.

Then they asked me if I had any questions. I asked how well the recent famous Chinese artist’s exhibition went. They told me that it went well, but they had difficulties getting funding because the artist was very critical of the Chinese government. As a result all the banks that normally sponsor these events dropped out because they did not want to offend the regime. As a result of this, the Academy did Internet crowd funding for the first time and managed to obtain funds to put on the exhibition. It turned out to be the most successful exhibition of the year. I smiled and commended them on making the show happen. I said to them that this institution is a place of virtue, and this is where I want to work.

Not long after, since I was not working, I had an opportunity to travel to the European parliament in Strasbourg for a truth clarification project to urge Members of the European parliament to sign a declaration to investigate the issue of Forced Organ Harvesting in China. The trip went well, and I was able to put down my baggage so to speak and immerse myself in doing the best I could to help save sentient beings. We worked in pairs, and I was partnered with a Taiwanese practitioner whom I had not met before. We worked together well by building a plan for the day and carrying it out. We all returned home with a sense that we had made some progress.

Upon returning to London, I continued to look for a job and kept up Fa Study and exercises with local practitioners. Then another opportunity came up to go to Strasbourg. There was an update to the ongoing organ harvesting report that massively increased the number of estimated forced transplants, so we had reason to speak to everyone again and also to the Members of the European parliament to whom we had not spoken before.

Travelling up to Strasbourg again by minibus this time, I had a heavy heart. I was thinking things like, “I have sickness karma and I’m not in a good state” and “I have so many personal issues to resolve, which I have not addressed”. I also thought, “It’s not going to be possible to have as good a trip as last time.”

On the first morning in Strasbourg, we did the exercises and Fa Study. Then we went to the European Parliament. Outside the parliament there were many practitioners doing Hong Fa and I could feel the energy field. When I went into the building, we went to a café that was a central meeting point, and I saw practitioners from many different countries all coordinating together. I was deeply moved by the sight, and a tear came to my eye. I felt all the notions in my field all around my body drop off, and I could see the nature of matter. Master has talked about the pace of Fa Rectification as it is reaching the surface dimension. To me, I saw my body as a universe with Fa Rectification charging to the outside. It was so close to the surface that I could see the light in me and in the practitioners around me.

We then went off in our teams to arrange meetings with UK MEPs. I called a senior MEP who I later found out was responsible for trade in Asia including China.

I said, “Hello Mr D., I have come to Strasbourg from the UK, and I would like to tell you about declaration 48 - Forced Organ Harvesting in China.”

He said in a brash well-educated upper class tone, “Look, this can’t be happening. Perhaps on a small scale, some triads perhaps.”

I said, “I think we should meet face to face.”

He said, “Perhaps this evening then.”

I said, “5:30, I will come to your office then. Does this suit you?”

He said, “Maybe, we will see.”

After putting the phone down, I felt that should I speak to this person, it was not going to be a light conversation, and I needed to be ready for it. We still had most of the day ahead of us. We clarified the facts to MEPs and their assistants and got some of them to sign the declaration. When 5:30 approached, we headed off to the meeting I had arranged.

As soon as we sat down, he fired a lot of questions at me, particularly around economics, to which I mostly didn’t know the answers. I said to him firmly, “I don’t know about that. I’m here to tell you about forced organ harvesting in China.” I believe he respected me for being honest, so now I had my chance to lay down some facts. I told him that China says it does 10,000 transplants a year. However just two of the 900 transplant centers accounted for this alone. So what’s happening in the other 888 transplant centers? These centers would only be constructed if there were a profit to be made!

He said, “You can’t go and accuse the Chinese state of mass murder.”

I asked, “Who else could do this on this scale?”

There was silence, and he looked me in the eye. I looked at his left eye for quite some time….then looked in his right eye…He then smiled at me… I then smiled back.

He said, “I knew when I spoke to you this morning on the phone that you were someone with strong willpower.”

We then went into a conversation covering what Falun Gong is, what the Chinese Communist Party is, how the persecution started and who Jiang’s henchmen are, in particular Zhou Yongkang, Luo Gan and Bo Xilai.

At this time, I felt Master had pushed me up to a very high level. It was like tuning a radio into a new station with the reception extremely clear.

When I mentioned Bo Xilai, he told me he was friends with him. I was not moved by this and proceeded to explain Bo Xilai’s connection with organ harvesting in Dalian. He listened and didn’t challenge me. He then looked me in the eye. I could feel everything changing around me. I didn’t need to speak at these moments, as I knew the power of the Fa was running through me and was changing this person’s thoughts.

He picked up the phone and started to call people and asked if they knew about forced organ harvesting. He called three people in the UK and one in Canada. He wanted to get some assurance from the people he knew. He then called who I believe to be one of his assistants, a Chinese man. We later found out from another MEP that he is the only MEP who has a Chinese assistant in China. He answered the phone, and Mr D. asked, “What do you know about organ harvesting?” The response was, “This is Falun Gong; they made up some stories. I know because they said that one of my local hospitals is a transplant center, and it’s not. Actually I’ve been there, and it is a normal hospital.” The words sounded so empty and baseless.

When Mr D. put down the phone, I said to him, “You don’t need me to tell you whether this person is speaking the truth or not.” Again there was lengthy eye contact.

He then explained his Christian beliefs in some detail. It felt like the meddling deities were trying to get in, but there was a screen blocking them. “You are not allowed in here,” I told them. I listened to the MEP and said in my heart, “I’m not here to challenge your beliefs. I’m here to help you be saved.”

He said that he would not publicly sign the declaration but that he would do something better, which was to ask people in China what they expect to do about forced organ harvesting.

He said to me, “Do you really think this is the best way to go about this? Do you think this will make a difference?”

I said, “This structure has enabled me to have this conversation with you.”

There was eye contact again, and I believe at that point, he understood at a deeper level why we had come to speak to him. We then wrapped up the meeting and left. Normally the meetings with MEPs lasted about five minutes, but this one was 1.5 hours. I was deeply moved by the experience and shared what had happened at the Fa study with European practitioners that evening. The problem I had was sleeping that night. I only had three hours of sleep, and the next day in parliament was very hard work because my energy levels had dropped. On day three, I didn’t go into the parliament as I had to leave via the minibus early, so I did Hong Fa for a couple of hours outside the parliament. We did one exercise, then sent forth righteous thoughts, then another exercise, then sent forth righteous thoughts, etc. When I sent forth righteous thoughts, I thought of the conversation I had had with the MEP. Master’s energy came back to me. My righteous thoughts had been strengthened.

On the trip back, practitioners shared a lot about their experiences, and we sang Falun Dafa songs. I truly felt part of the one body of practitioners, Westerners and Chinese.

Soon after arriving back, we had a parade in central London marking the July 20 event. I had sickness karma in the morning, but knew I had to attend. The parade went well, and we finished at the North face of Trafalgar Square, where there was a large Hong Fa with practitioners attending from all over the UK. I was given a placard to hold saying Stop the Persecution of Falun Gong. I stood there for an hour but didn’t feel tired. Then a practitioner had a break and handed me a bigger placard that read Stop Forced Organ Harvesting in China. She said to me, this is very powerful. I thought so too.

I continued to stand in the same location, and I thought of the conversation I had had with the MEP where Master had lifted me up to a great height. Tears came to my eyes, and my heart was filled up with energy. It felt like a bomb had gone off. I could see the effect of my energy field. I could see people walk into the field, and I could see their notions fall away from their bodies. Some people asked me questions, and I knew that when I spoke, my words were reaching that being directly.

One man came up to me and asked, “Is this really happening?”

I replied, “Yes, it is.”

He said, “This is an act of war! We have to send the troops in!”

I said, “This is really happening.”

He said, “This is an act of war. We have got to go in and get them out of there. Where can I find out more about this?”

I said, “Watch a documentary called Hard to Believe online.”

He then wrote it down. Actually for this individual, I don’t think it was that hard to believe. By this time, I was still standing in the same spot, and I explained to some practitioners what was happening. I continued to stand there until my ankles went numb… then my lower legs…then my upper legs…then my forearms went. I had experienced the state where Master talked about the optimum state of transformation when doing the sitting meditation, and it feels like parts of your body have disappeared. However, this time I was standing in Trafalgar Square with thousands of people around me. I had been standing in the same spot for three hours.

After a while, I think I was attracting a bit of attention from practitioners. At that point a rather forthright practitioner came up to me and said, “You come here and hold this banner up.” I had a feeling that if I told this practitioner that I was currently experiencing the transformation of the body at the optimal state, he wouldn’t quite appreciate my situation too much, so I walked over to the pole that needed to be held up. After some time, my Strasbourg team partner came over and said to me, “You’re good at clarifying the truth to people. Go and do that.” So I did. Words came quickly, and I was able to get straight to the point in answering questions.

The sun was shining, and it was a truly magnificent day. I didn’t want to leave at the end of the day. Before leaving the square, I looked back at the practitioners packing up. I thought to myself, “Are we going to have another event like this? Is this the last time?”

Even though I had not eaten all day and had been standing up for 7.5 hours I did not feel tired and was full of energy, so when I got home I did the exercises.

The next week, I shared about my experiences at our weekly Fa study. I felt my heart was connected to my words, and energy was building in my body. I realized that through face-to-face sharing, I was cultivating and solidifying righteous thoughts. Because the events that had happened were so clear in my mind, I didn’t fail to get my point across. Having to write this sharing down now seems a bit odd to me because the last few months, I have been speaking directly from my heart.

After Fa study that day, we had a Hong Fa at St Martin’s, so I went directly there. It was another good event, and I cherished the opportunity. After the event, I walked for 30 minutes through London, recounting and reflecting on how the day had gone. I eventually got the train home then had dinner, worked on a project for half an hour, then sent forth righteous thoughts at 11pm. I didn’t feel sleepy even though I’d had a busy, long day. Around midnight, I went to sleep, but five minutes later, someone in the house made a noise, and I abruptly woke up, not anxious at all. So I sent forth righteous thoughts and ended up doing it for an hour. Then I lay on my bed awake. I felt compassionate with no desire, just a wish to help all beings. Another hour went past. I sent forth righteous thoughts for another hour, then had another break, then sent forth righteous thoughts again for another long period of time. By this time, the room was starting to become light, so I did all the exercises, then got ready for work. I felt fine at work with a strong energy field.

A couple of days later at work, I sat down on my chair in the morning. I started to recall the events of the past few weeks, and a tear came to my eye. At that moment it was like a bomb had gone off again. Each heartbeat was a shockwave after the blast. It felt like I had changed everything around me, the people around me and even the building.

Master said in Lecture at the First Conference in North America, “It would be impossible for you to practice cultivation if your body were to change too quickly on the surface. You would want to weep over everything you saw.” When I read this recently, I knew what was happening to me. Recently, I have been able to let go of attachments. Then nearly instantly I would feel a change in my body. Rapid changes were and are still taking place. Master, I am so grateful for what you have done for me.

After 27 years of enduring severe sickness karma, something was unlocked from my body. I have been in a prison for this time, and the last 16 years as a practitioner I have been imprisoned because of my attachments, with the light from Master shining through my window. Two and a half months ago, I walked out of that prison.

Master says in Zhuan Falun Lecture 9, “For someone with a lot of the black substance, however, there is an additional procedure. It is like a product that a factory makes: Others all come with ready-made material, while this person comes with raw material that needs to be processed. It has to go through this process. Therefore, he must first suffer hardships and eliminate karma, so as to transform it into the white substance, forming this substance of de.”

A small amount of pain is still there, but it is bearable without the mental torment. There is supernormal ability there. Perhaps I can keep it if I maintain a good state. However, I know that this ability is only for saving sentient beings. In Zhuan Falun, Master says there is some truth in the saying Buddha is in your heart. Through my recent experiences, my understanding of those words is completely different. I will follow my heart, and my heart is truly with Master.

By the way, I got the job At the Royal Academy of Arts. I was travelling back from Brussels after working on the last leg of the organ harvesting project, and I got a call advising me that I had gotten the job. The timing was perfect. It brought a tear to my eye again, not because of material gain in the human world, but because it seemed as if Master was putting his hand out to me and saying “Trust in me.” Master, more than ever I trust in you now.

Some of you may have heard me share at the recent National Fa study. Upon travelling to the study on the bus, again a tear came to my eye, and it was like a bomb going off another time. I knew I had been given this power for a reason, so I had to share my recent experiences to as many practitioners as possible. When this bomb goes off, everything changes, and it feels like nothing can stop me. It was a very special experience for me. I had never spoken so openly from the heart to so many people. I could see that practitioners were very attentive. I believe I encouraged some practitioners. I will treasure that experience. Fa Study and sharing are the form given to us!

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