Get Rid of Human Thoughts and Cultivate Compassion

A Dafa Disciple in Penghu, China

PureInsight | March 12, 2019


Greetings to great compassionate Master!

Greetings to fellow practitioners!

1. Discard feelings among everyday people

After obtaining Dafa, my views of life, the world, and the universe have changed greatly, which are now different from ordinary people’s viewpoints.

Master said in “For Whom do You Exist?” (Essentials for Further Advancement), “If a life can really assess things without any preconceived notions, then this person is truly able to take charge of himself. This clearheadedness is wisdom, and it is different from what average people call ‘intelligence.’ If a person cannot do that, then he is dictated by acquired notions or external thoughts. He might even devote his entire life to struggling for them; but when he gets old, he will not even know what he has been doing in this lifetime. Though he has achieved nothing in his lifetime, he has committed innumerable mistakes while being driven by these acquired notions. Therefore, in his next life he will have to pay for the karma according to his own wrong deeds”.

I was enlightened that cultivators and ordinary people have different thoughts and viewpoints. I thought I already took my reputation, self-interests, and feelings among everyday people lightly through cultivation. Because I was living alone, I did not have to deal with many family issues. I attended a lot of Dafa experience sharing conferences and truth-clarification activities outside China. I went abroad frequently. Each time when I was about to leave China, my family members would come to see me and gave me a lot of money. I never accepted it. I even returned the gold which I accepted from my family members before cultivation. I thought cultivating in Dafa was easy. Nonetheless, how can cultivation be easy!

One day, my daughter in law called me, crying, and asked me to go to her house. She said my son wanted to divorce her. I was shocked. They had such a good marriage. How could they want to get divorced? During that period, I was deeply moved by Qin. I had a lot of human thoughts and failed to persuade my son. Finally, I realized that I needed to have a righteous mind. All of a sudden, Master’s words from Hong Yin Vol. II appeared in my mind:

“Don’t Be Sad

Imprisoned as you are,

      don’t be sorrowful or sad

Carry on with righteous thoughts and actions,

      and the Fa is with you

Calmly reflect on the attachments you have

Remove your human thoughts

      and evil will naturally die out”

When I corrected my thought, my son did not want to divorce my daughter in law anymore.

Master said in Zhuan Falun, “Happy or unhappy, loves or hates something, and everything in the entire human society comes from this sentimentality. If this sentimentality is not relinquished, you will be unable to practice cultivation. If you are free from this sentimentality, nobody can affect you. An everyday person’s mind will be unable to sway you. What takes over in its place is benevolence, which is something more noble.”

2. Truly improve my xinxing

My neighbor always did bad things to me. I do not know if this is because I did bad things to him in my previous life. He did not treat me nicely. He kept pet pigeons and their excrements fell over my balcony. Later, he threw one entire bag of trash into my garden. Worse still he put his child’s excrements inside clothes, and put the clothes on the table of my balcony. Later, my neighbor’s pigeon died. He started to keep pet dogs. He had several dogs that barked day and night. Dogs’ excrements were piled up in front of my door. I felt so angry! Originally, I chose to forgive my neighbor and bear what he did to me. But he never stopped doing bad things to me. I only felt angry. I never looked within. I was moved by what I saw. Practitioners should have forbearance, but I did not let go of my attachments. I had such a poor enlightenment quality. I was not enlightened to how to cultivate back then. My neighbor did bad things to me for so many times, but I never looked within. Later, my neighbor’s child grew up. He brought a lot of friends home every night. They sang songs loud and made a lot of noises almost whole night. Because I shared the same wall with my neighbor, I was affected greatly by the neighbor’s son. I could not fall asleep at all. There were several times I really wanted to go to talk to the neighbor’s son but eventually ended up with not going because of forbearance. One night, it was already 3am, but the neighbor’s son still made loud noises. I was about to leave the house to talk to the neighbor’s son. But my older son stopped me.

Master said in To the Experience-Sharing Conference in Taiwan, “Cultivation is not for worldly ends, but for the elevation of your being and for establishing your future. During the very final stage of things, more than ever, doing cultivation amounts to choosing to have a future. The ways of this world that people follow and how people live their lives here differ from how beings really are in the universe. The ideas and theories of this world cannot lead to spiritual perfection of any sort, and the ways that people live and act in this world do not accord with how beings really are in the universe. The ultimate reason you are human is to learn Dafa. Don’t let the madness and confusion of this world affect you. Cultivate with the heart you once had, and spiritual perfection is certain! May you grow ever more diligent as you approach the end!”.

Since then, I decided to discipline myself according to higher standards. I want to be more forbearing. I want to be more compassionate. I want to be more able to forgive.

3. Look within unconditionally

Fellow practitioners asked me for my home address in order to mail the clothes, which practitioners would wear to make characters during Taiwan Fa Conference to my house. I was glad that I could do something, so I agreed. Nonetheless, the practitioner who was in charge of clothes was away. She asked another practitioner to mail the clothes to me, but the other practitioner did not mail me enough clothes. Some of the clothes received were even in wrong sizes. I called the fellow practitioner who were in charge of the clothes many times but she never picked up the phone. I left voice messages too. Nonetheless, the fellow practitioner didn’t give me any response. When it got closer to the date of Taiwan Fa Conference, the fellow practitioner in charge finally called me back. I explained everything to her again. I was trying to solve the problem myself but she thought I should wait for her to come back. Fellow practitioners who were still waiting for the clothes were anxious. I was anxious too. Nobody knew if we could get enough clothes on time. Therefore, I did not talk to the fellow practitioner in charge in a calm manner. Because I tried to fix the problem myself, other practitioners said I did not listen to the fellow practitioner in charge. I felt wronged. Nonetheless, I knew I needed to look within. Nothing was accidental. I should not be moved by what I saw.

Master said in Buddha-Nature and Demon-Nature (Essentials for Further Advancement), “One’s Buddha-nature is Shan, and it manifests itself as compassion, thinking of others before acting, and the ability to endure suffering.”

Thank you Master and fellow practitioners for providing me with such an opportunity to improve my xinxing.

I would like to end my sharings with Master’s recent writings- To the Practitioners of Vietnam, “Zhen, Shan, and Ren—being genuine, kind, and composed—are universal values recognized by everyone, and only stand to benefit any people or nation. Even if you do meet with persecution, you should still handle everything with the benevolence of someone on the spiritual path. As a steadfast practitioner you can, just by not letting anything affect you, prevail over any situation”.

Above are my personal experiences. If I said anything wrong, please correct me!


Thank you great compassionate Master!

Thank you fellow practitioners!


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