Let the World Be Without Dark Corners

A Dafa Disciple in Taiwan

PureInsight | April 19, 2019

[PureInsight.org] Greetings to compassionate Master and fellow practitioners. I became a practitioner in 2012 and would like to share my cultivation experience. Please kindly point out the views that are not based on the Fa.
1. Eliminate Self While Doing Dafa Work
The first task I had after becoming a practitioner was to teach the 4th exercise in a 9-day lecture class. Based on what I understood after watching the exercise demonstration video, I set a very specific time for the newcomers to “Separate the hands from Heshi. Move them downward to the lower abdomen while turning both palms to face the body. Keep a distance of no more than 10 cm (4 inches) between the hands and the body.” (from The Great Way of Spiritual Perfection) Suddenly practitioner J told me not to do that. I was dumbfounded and it bothered me.
After I finished teaching I asked J why she told me not to teach that way. She said that she didn’t say anything. I didn’t understand why she reacted that way, nor did I know what I did wrong.
I was angry. When I got up to leave I saw Master’s photo on a wall. A message entered my mind, “Sigh, how do you cultivate if you couldn’t even pass this test?” I thought about it and told Master that I really didn’t want to pass this test!
As I studied the Fa that night, I wanted to do what Master says in Lecture Nine, Zhuan Falun (2000 version), “When it’s difficult to endure, you can endure it.  When it’s impossible to do, you can do it.” I knew that it wasn’t me who said that I didn’t want to pass the test. I was determined to let go of self, notions and anger.
The next day before I left for work, I saw a Dafa book sticking out of the bookshelf. As I took it out, it said on the page where it was bookmarked, “Don’t argue left and right, and don’t emphasize who’s right and who’s wrong. Some people are always stressing that they’re right, but even if you are right, even if you’re not wrong, so what? Have you improved on the basis of the Fa? ” (from Fa Teaching Given in Manhattan)
I understood why I didn’t pass the test. I focused too much on who was right and who was wrong, which came with my attachments to fame, wanting to be recognized, fighting, and winning. I told Master that I didn’t want those attachments and would face them to eliminate them.

A few days later I met J. It took me some time and a lot of courage to go up to her and admit that it was my fault the other day for getting so angry. She then said, “Thank you”.
J shared with me her understanding on when to glide down both hands and follow the energy mechanism. Everyone’s body type and speed of moving are different and that we should not synchronize everyone’s movement and pinpoint when to do what. Everyone should develop their own way to follow Master’s instructions from the audio recording. This way no matter what everyone’s physique was, they would synchronize their movements with Master’s cue.   

I was awakened and also terrified. When I pinpointed when to do what, I was changing Master’s Fa. Neither in His book nor video did he mention exact times. My own understanding prevented me from trying to understand the Fa principles behind the exercises and the purpose of Master’s voice in the music. When I asked others to do what I wanted, I was in fact sabotaging the Fa. Master was using J’s words to remind me. Now I look back, what happened was like, “After passing the shady willow trees, there will be bright flowers and another village ahead!” (from Lecture Nine, Zhuan Falun (2000 version))

2. Validating the Fa to a group of construction workers

I met two construction workers from China at work. I knew that if I didn’t clarify the truth to them, there might not be another chance for me to do so. I tried talking to them while we ate and brought up the subject of Jiang Zemin and the persecution.

One of them said that he believed me, the other said that he’s never joined the CCP. I told them that the Chinese Youth League and China Young Pioneers counted as well. They must truly understand what happened in the persecution and really want to sever themselves from the CCP's affiliations. Through the action of willingly quitting the communist organizations publicly, even with an alias, people are truly free from being the accomplices of the crimes the CCP committed over the history.  
Both of them agreed to quit the Young Pioneers. One of them asked me if I was interested in telling the truth to the mainland Chinese people who came to Taiwan long time ago. He was willing to make an appointment for me. I quickly agreed.  
There was a van parked by the place of the appointment. Two big men let me into the van. One of them said that they needed to cover my eyes because I wasn’t supposed to know where they were going. He asked if I still wanted to go. I was in complete shock but suddenly Master’s words came to mind, “Did you know that in order to save you the Buddha once begged for food among everyday people? Today, I once again make the door wide open, and teach this Dafa to save you. I have never felt bitter for the numerous hardships I have suffered. Then what do you have that still can’t be abandoned? Can you bring to heaven the things deep down inside that you cannot let go of?” (from True Cultivation in Essentials for Further Advancement)
I agreed to have my eyes covered to go to their headquarters. I ended being in an apartment facing dozens of mainland Chinese people, who had tattoos and spoke Chinese dialects. They called the construction worker “boss”. He told me to go ahead to clarify the truth to them and help them quit the CCP and its affiliations.
I started with how my health and personality improved because of the practice. I then brought up how this great practice is currently persecuted in China. I knew that I had to be sincere and explain the truth step by step so that the messages could get to the deepest level of their knowing souls.  
There were people with tattoos going in and out of the apartment and I told everything they needed to know until late in the evening. Everyone passing by the apartment heard me, some quit the CCP and others didn’t. After I got home I counted the names of 108 mainland Chinese who chose to quit. I called them heroes when I told this story. Every one of them had a job and none of them was involved in drugs, gambling or violence. I was very happy for them.

3. Validating the Fa at Work
I used various opportunities to let my clients understand what Falun Dafa is and why the CCP persecutes the practitioners. In 2017 I took up a job to design the home of a client. At first my client didn’t trust the company I worked for and my professional abilities. She questioned my space design and construction protocols and frequently changed her mind and wanting to make corrections.

After several changes of design plans, my xinxing was being tested. I started to resent the client. I later realized that something was wrong with the thought and rejected it. It was the notion interfering and trying to stop me from being a Dafa practitioner and clarify the truth.

Master says in Teaching the Fa at the Conference in Houston, “When conflicts come in cultivation their manifestations seem extremely random, and someone may make you angry, but back then, you—also in an extremely random way—similarly made the other person angry.” After studying the Fa I found the deeply buried attachments of impatience, arrogance, disbelief in the Fa, showing off, and intolerance. The reactions of my clients are like a mirror reflecting my gaps and attachments. Master let me found the gaps through studying the Fa and doing the exercises in order to eliminate them.

The six months after that, I designed her new home and communicated with her with a selfless and altruistic attitude. I put myself in her shoes and solved a lot of questions she proposed. After the project was done I helped her move. Not many designers do that, she told me. She also told me that not one designer so far could put up with her temper, requests and ways of doing things. She was impressed with me.
She and her family invited me to dinner that day and she saw the Falun emblem I was carrying. She asked if that was a belief and I knew that Master was hinting me to clarify the truth to her. Though she had other belief, I knew that she came to listen to me. She told me later, “I see from you something more special than just being a good person. Let’s work together so that the world is a place without dark corners. Let it shine.”
At the moment I remember Master’s words in Teaching the Fa at the Conference in Canada, “What we do, by contrast, is ask all of you to cultivate yourself and to be kind. You should be considerate of others when you do things and do your job well wherever you work. You should be a good person in the minds of others.”

She asked me if Falun Gong and Shen Yun were connected. I could feel that she was eager to know the truth and explained the connection to her. Afterward she told me that she’s seen commercials and news reports about Shen Yun and as a designer of an international brand-name clothing company, she was sure that the chief art director must be an omnipotent artist. The clothes and color schemes were unique and brilliant. The way the artists perform was extraordinary. She was determined to see Shen Yun show next time the company tours Taiwan.  
That night when I studied the Fa, Master reminded me, “The principle I am teaching is, bottom line, about asking you to be a good person, to be an even better person, and to be a good person who transcends the ordinary man. When you are able to do that, you will be a higher being, and when you elevate further you will be a being in an even higher realm. So, if a person such as this does not go ascend to a heavenly paradise, could he remain on Earth?” (from First Fa Teaching Given in the United States  in Collected Fa Teachings, Vol. I )

Master has taught me everything and as long as I calm down to study the Fa, all my questions are answered in the books.

I thank Master for the compassionate salvation.

Chinese version: http://www.zhengjian.org/node/248117


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