The Process of My Enlightenment to Cultivation

A Dafa Disciple in Taiwan

PureInsight | May 31, 2019

[] Greetings to revered Master and fellow practitioners!

I’m a Dafa disciple, who came back and obtained Dafa again at the Art Class of Niao Song Senior High School. I would like to share with you my cultivation experiences.

1.     My Dafa-obtaining process
My mother obtained Dafa when I was at 4th grade. I was not interested in cultivation then and preferred playing instead. My mother taught me Zhuan Falun but I was reluctant to learn because I wouldn’t be allowed to play computer games if I made no progress at Dafa studying. I even tried a deal to exchange Dafa-studying with playing computer. At that time, I preferred to learn Hong Yin and Hong Yin Volume II just because they are shorter than the others.

It’s my rebellious period at junior high school. It’s the time I wasn’t interested in Dafa at all. Although I wasn’t a bad boy, I disliked practicing cultivation exercises and argued with my mom for tiny things all the time. My dad isn’t a practitioner. My arguing with my mom for Dafa-studying and exercise-practicing gave him bad impressions, and he pulled a face whenever my mother went out for Dafa projects.

Whenever my mother was unwell and couldn’t cook, I was unhappy because she didn’t do her duty. Therefore my sister, younger brother and I learned how to cook before I started junior high school. Now I know she was eliminating her karma whenever she felt unwell.

2.    Reconnecting with Dafa
During the last year of my junior high school, I participated in the selection of featured enrollment. My most favored high school began enrollment for new students. I was so close to passing but still failed the entrance exam due to reckless of applying extra points by performance skills. I was so regretful, but had to take the exam of “Comprehensive Assessment Program for Junior High School Students”. I passed the exam for a maritime school. It’s having to go to a public high school instead, I was unhappy about it. After studying for one year, I found it’s not suit for me and tried to transfer to my most favored school. However, I encountered a lot of problems, such as quota and qualification issues, and being overdue for exam submission etc. So, my mom asked me if I would like to join the Art Class of Niao Song Senior High School. It’s not in my priority because of the distance and the mental barrier of being one year behind my friends. However, I thought it over and realized it was meaningless to waste my time to study something I’m not interested in at all. I was still enthusiastic about painting and so I decided to go to the Art Class of Niao Song Senior High School at last.

In the summer vacation before registration, I happened to get a ticket for a performance of the Dance Class of Niao Song Senior High School. I went to the show and was astonished by their performance, especially the back flip on the stage. I decided to study at Niao Song right away. After seeing the art pieces of the Art Class, I was sure it wouldn’t let me down.

The process of transferring school was not smooth. Although the professor of the Art Class approved, I failed the entrance exam. It’s a huge blow to me. I even finished the drop-out procedures of the previous school. I cried out and melt down when I arrived at Niao Song and knew I didn’t pass the exam. Two teachers passed by the hallway and understood what happened to me. They both comforted me by telling me there must be a way out. After calming down, my mom learned that there’s a second tranche entrance opportunity, and this gave me hope again. Mother asked me to study Zhuan Falun and to practice the exercises, and said I must be serious about cultivation. A month later, I saw my name Zhao Yucheng on the admission list. I was so excited and would shout out loud if I wasn’t in the library. I never stopped thinking “getting admission” during this suffering month. It never crossed in my mind that it’s all arranged by Master. However, when I looked backward, I found it’s all the best happened to me and arranged by Master.

The night before the start of the semester was also the first night, I started my living at Niao Song. I adapted well in the school and followed others on cultivation exercises and studying Dafa. There’s no reluctance at all in my mind. Gradually I found the energy field of the environment was so good and peaceful. I finally came back to my cultivation path. I thought it over during my second year and wondered why I didn’t come here earlier. I found it’s amazing that I wasn’t ever afraid or felt unfamiliar at Niao Song right from day one.

3.    Uplift in Dafa projects
During my second year, a practitioner asked me if I was willing to serve as a cadre in the youth camp. I promised without hesitation. I was so happy I could contribute something, without realizing I needed time to catch up on my technical abilities in dancing. A lot of xinxing tests came to me subsequently. One day I stayed at school late, I borrowed a phone for internet connection due to the need of communication for a Dafa project. Being lack of righteous thoughts, I took the opportunity to download a movie. The next day, the aunt who lent me the phone told me the phone was out of order. I got panic at once, and didn’t know how to confess at first. The character “Cheng” in my name means “honesty” and “Zhen” is a must for a Dafa disciple. Therefore, I confessed to aunt what I did last night. She’s upset that I let her down. With a heavy heart, I consulted her in the evening, and realized the old forces would take advantage whenever a cultivator behaves without righteous thoughts and their thinking is not grounded in Dafa. Gradually my eyes cannot help being red, and finally burst into tears.

Mother asked me to quit the job of being a cadre in the youth camp when she knew about it. She believed I should focus on improving my technical abilities at that moment, rather than getting busy on projects. I got angry with her and didn’t realize it’s an attachment of “doing things”. In the conversation with my mom on the phone, I insisted I should finish what I promised; otherwise it would cause problems for others. I didn’t see my strong attachments at all in the conversation.

Once during an executive meeting, everything didn’t go smoothly. My cultivation status was not good either. Being in a bad cultivation status one could easily be taken advantage of by the old forces. I suddenly had a hoarse throat from the beginning till the end of the youth camp. I often broke my voice or made no sound in the camp. I thought it’s due to less studying of Fa at that time. Communication and coordination were the most important part as a cadre. I treated the hoarse throat as sickness karma only. I didn’t look inward. During my third grade in the Senior High, I finally realized I had a lot of attachments at that time, such as attachment of “doing things”, “lust”, “hope for an easy life” and “qing”. It’s the old forces that severely interfered with me when I needed to speak the most.

I participated in “Zhen, Shan, Ren” experience camp project during this summer vacation. Although I was a so called “College Entrance Examination in Specified Subjects Warrior” at the time, the time frame of the exam did not conflict with the experience camp. Therefore, I enrolled as a staff member in the camp to contribute my technical skills. I applied for the Art Team and Photography Team.

We set up a booth at Ximen to promote the “Zhen, Shan, Ren” experience camp. I felt a little uneasy while distributing truth clarification materials. I used to be afraid at the beginning, and overcame it gradually, after finding others to be generous and enthusiastic. I found it’s not as hard as what I imagined. I looked for college students only in the beginning to distribute the promotion materials, as they are the target for the camp. After a while I found I was comfortable distributing the materials to the elders as well.

There’s a big mixed up revealed in the review meeting after promotion of the camp. I thought I was in the Art Team instead of the Photography Team until it’s clarified in a meeting. I recalled I promised to join the Photography Team when someone said the Team needs young blood. It’s a big challenge for me, because I just knew some basic functions of camera and never used it before. My only recording experiences were recording in the Art Class doing sculptures and recording for the Dance Class performing at Children’s Festival. Two days before the camp, a senior taught me some skills on operating the camera. I did make some progress and learned how to shoot film and some editing tips.

Participating in the experience camp was the longest project I had ever joined. I learned a lot in the 5-day camp. As a photographer I got a chance to see the hard work of many behind the scenes. I realized it may be arranged long time ago, when I promised to take the job without thinking. It made me think what I could do for the camp, when everyone was busy on their own duties. Be a little rookie photographer with little skills, I was touched seeing all the efforts others made for the participants. I told myself I had to do my job well, and record every second of it. Although I was meant to be not in the film, I felt it is fine for me with all my heart devoted into it.

Of course, when participating in the Dafa projects, I realized my attachments to boy-and-girl’s emotions, jealousy and showing-off. I thought I already put them down, but the emotions of boys-and-girls emerged again. In the process of sharing experiences with fellow practitioners, I learned how to put my attachments down gradually. I understood the Fa deeper, as Mater said in Zhuan Falun, “If something is yours, nobody will take it away, and if something isn’t yours, you won’t be able to get it even by fighting for it.” It’s always a good chance to improve myself to participate in Dafa projects. I would like to thank fellow practitioners’ contributions and tolerance of my shortcomings. I appreciated every chance to work with fellow practitioners, and I’ll keep this experience in my mind forever.

Since I started cultivation seriously, the atmosphere in my family started to change. My father stopped pulling a face when my mother went out for Dafa projects. When I asked where my mom is, he may reply she went out for The Epoch Times or other projects. I started to join Dafa projects too, after my graduation of Senior High School. Originally, I just joined the team of experience camp, but later on, a fellow practitioner asked me to be a team leader in the youth camp. I was afraid to tell my dad about it at first because I would be away from home for more than 10 days just after the College Entrance Exam. I didn’t want him to misunderstand me trying not staying at home. I finally told him and surprisingly he granted my request. I had to go out often in doing projects and he had no problems with this too. I realized if I didn’t put down my attachment of fears, I may lose many chances to join Dafa projects.

4. Conclusions
Now I’m a college student. There must be more and bigger challenges ahead. The experiences in the Art Class for 3 years had laid my cultivation foundation. When the professors asked me about my High School life, I took the opportunity to clarify the truth. Those who understood the truth were very happy. Understanding that I was disciplined as I was in Senior High School, teachers had every confidence in me. There were many occasions for me to clarify the truth in the College. I introduced Dafa to my classmates with fellow practitioners. Some of them never heard about Dafa, and some of them saw the truth clarification boards at tourist sites. They all had good impressions about Dafa after our truth clarification, and some of them even started cultivation.

I thank Master didn’t give me up and gave me the chance to study at Niao Song Senior High, which reconnected me with Dafa. If I studied at my most favored school after junior high, I might still be an ordinary people now. I realized all the troubles I encountered at entrance exams were arranged by Master. I know what happened to me are the best for me all the way.

I would like to share Predestination in Hong Yin with you in the end,
    “Clearer is the Awakened One’s mind,
    The Fa gained, he travels the secular world,
    Long, drawn-out millennia have now passed,
    When the predestined time arrives,
       the Fa will be fulfilled.”

It’s my cultivation experience. Please correct me if there’s anything inappropriate.

Thanks Master!
Thanks fellow practitioners!

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