Some Thoughts on Negating Financial Persecutions

A Dafa Disciple in Mainland China

PureInsight | August 25, 2019

[] I have two daughters. My older daughter is a practitioner and lives in a different city from me. She does not have a very good financial situation and has housing debt. My younger daughter does not practice Dafa but has a better financial situation. I bought two business places for both of them. My wife pays for our older daughter’s mortgage every year. However, I did not know why my wife was so reluctant to transfer money to her. She always pushed it off and sometimes only sent a portion of the rent while keeping the remainder for herself. I kept asking my wife to send our older daughter more money. Nonetheless, my wife argued with me and told me that sending our older daughter money was her own business. I had been arguing with my wife on this issue many times. My wife kept promising me that she would send our older daughter money, but she did not actually send her anything. She also told everyone, “Our older daughter is in a bad financial situation. We need to help her.” However, in reality, she took no actions. My younger daughter felt jealous because she thought both my wife and I liked our older daughter more than her.

Why did my wife behave like that? I had been pondering for several years and was unable to figure out a reason. I did not know what I did wrong. One day, all of a sudden, I thought of this again, and I realized that I must change myself. There must be something that I needed to change. As I was pondering, a thought suddenly came to me, “Financial persecution”. I felt some bad things in my mind were trying to hide. I finally found the problem. I sent forth righteous thoughts immediately to “negate all financial persecutions on our older daughter by the old forces; eliminate all interferences; eliminate whatever is controlling my wife to not send our older daughter money; Fa Zheng Qian Kun, Xie E Quan Mie (the Fa rectifies the cosmos, the Evil is completely eliminated); Mie (cleaned out)!” When sending forth righteous thoughts, I realized it was the evil forces that prevented my wife from sending money to our older daughter. My wife kept saying that she wanted to help our older daughter financially but took no actions. It was the evil forces that put our older daughter in a bad financial situation, which indirectly affected our older daughter’s cultivation status. For instance, our older daughter has no money to buy what she needs for her child and is very thrifty. My wife uses the money that was supposed to be sent to our older daughter for her own finances, only to lose that money. I sent forth righteous thoughts twice to eliminate all old forces’ interferences. I felt my own dimension field was cleared, and my heart felt more open.

The following day my wife told me, “I need to send our older daughter some money.” I did not say anything as I wanted to see how much she was sending. After my wife went to the bank, she told me she sent our daughter 50,000 RMB. In the past, it was at most 20,000 RMB. Now she gave our daughter much more! On the same night, I had a dream. I was in Changchun, China walking on the street. Road lights were in front of me. Beside the road lights was a snake-shaped light bulb. When I saw the snake-shaped light bulb, it fell to the ground suddenly and broke into a real snake. I tried very hard to step on the snake. When I stepped on the snake, my shutter door keys fell beside it. I think the dream was telling me that the snake had been controlling my wife for a long time. The snake is like the road lights: it limits the money my wife can send to our older daughter. Now I have eliminated the snake, but I should not be too attached to my daughter (in Chinese, light bulb has the same pronunciations as control; Changchun sounds similar to “a long period”; shutter door has the same pronunciation as love).

Why didn’t my righteous thoughts in the past eliminate the snake? It was because I did not have a specific goal when sending forth righteous thoughts. I did not realize it was because of the evil snake that my wife was unwilling to send our daughter more money. I now realize that this was a financial persecution done by the evil forces. After I realized the problem, the evil forces were eliminated immediately when I sent forth righteous thoughts!

The above are just my personal experiences.

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