Some Thoughts after Reading Fahui’s Experience Sharing Articles

A Dafa Disciple in Mainland, China

PureInsight | August 25, 2019

[] In May and June this year, many Fa conferences were held, such as New York Fa Conference, Minghui Fa Conference and Hong Kong Fa Conference. Fellow practitioners’ Fahui experience sharing articles were posted on Minghui. After reading those articles, I have some thoughts that I want to share with fellow practitioners.

I felt touched after reading how fellow practitioners think for different truth clarification projects instead of themselves when facing difficulties. They disregard their self-interests unconditionally. This is the biggest compassion sentient beings could have in the universe. Especially for practitioners in countries other than China, they participate in multiple truth clarification projects simultaneously and face all difficulties. I saw the power of selflessness, unity and Fa from their various experiences. I saw the power of Fa from their various experiences. Many magic were created when Dafa disciples cooperated with each other. I feel they are particles of Fa, and they are particles of their truth clarification projects. When uniting together, they form a golden key, which is able to solve all puzzles on their cultivation paths. I am deeply touched by their selflessness, righteous thoughts, diligence, modesty, and compassion that they cultivated from Dafa.

Moreover, even though the cultivation environment is quite different in China, the essence of cultivation is the same anywhere. I am very glad to see that fellow practitioners in different countries through cultivation know better what to do. I am glad to see fellow practitioners utilize their wisdom and power to complete different truth-clarification projects, fulfilled their vows, and assisted Master to rectify the Fa. They are in the process of consummating everything. Master told us in Divine Ones In The World (Hong Yin III):
             “Dafa disciples come from kingdoms above
                Yet how many of these holy disciples endure ordeals!
                Master has taught the Dafa to save people
                All are using their abilities to end the calamity
                Following Master to save the world’s beings
                All will return to their own domains when the mission’s fulfilled”

Those who practice the Dafa show sentient beings in the universe the power and solemnity of Dafa. As long as you cultivate in Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, you are able to return to your original, best state.

Another feeling I have after reading the Fahui articles is that fellow practitioners have no pursuits or attachments. They both think and act in a righteous way. However, I always wanted to plan things for myself. If things didn’t go in the direction I want, I felt very upset. After reading fellow practitioners’ sharing articles, I came to understand that my impulse on planning everything is not cultivating. Cultivation should be free of pursuits. If we encounter any obstacle, we should only do one thing: look within. When we try to overcome difficulties, we shouldn’t bring in any ordinary people’s attachments or pursuits. During the process of overcoming difficulties, we should let go of our various attachments. We cultivate during such a process. The final result is the manifestation of Master’s and Fa’s power.

I have been cultivating for many years. Now we almost reach the final state of the Fa-rectification period. I increasingly feel the solemnity and greatness of Dafa. I hope in the last moment, everyone could cultivate diligently in Dafa and reach consummation at the end.

Above is just what I enlightened to when reading Fahui articles. If I said anything incorrect, please point out.

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