Narrowing the Gaps


PureInsight | October 24, 2019

[] I used to be very pushy and so I hurt many fellow practitioners. In fact, this caused many invisible gaps among us. We can improve ourselves when we narrow them. It is simple to say, but quite difficult to do as this means admitting mistakes.

However, if not narrow the gap, the evil will interfere. Without good cooperation, it will cause losses to Dafa and suffering to everyone.

Therefore, I made up my mind to break through some of these gaps:

A fellow practitioner always keeps a straight face with me. I do not know why as I have not offended her. After a few days, I finally sent her a message. I said, “Where did I hurt you? I feel that you have some thoughts about me.” As a result, she said, “I really admire your courage. It is just my jealousy. ” It turns out that she also wants to narrow the gap, but didn’t have the courage to do so. When there are contradictions and gaps, whoever takes the first step is the angel.

I haven’t seen a fellow practitioner for a few years. He called me and asked me to do a project together. His attitude was very arrogant and he said he was giving me an opportunity. I was even more arrogant, “I don’t need you to give me the opportunity, and it is our Master who gives me that.” Later he ignored me and I didn’t care too much about him as well. I thought there is no potential to work with him. But when I improved, I want to narrow the gap and admit the mistake. One time I saw a story about him in the newspaper and it was very touching. He delivered newspapers when it was snowing and cold. I took a picture and sent to him and he replied me with a Heshi sign. I felt the sincerity and the gap was gone.

I used to have a gap with the person in charge of a project. I thought only my way of doing things was good. If we did it using other way, it was a waste of time, energy and money. I was really mad at that time, and said, “I don’t want to work with you. You are too selfish. It is like your own project.” Then I left the project.

After I improved, I realized that I wasn’t looking inside myself and was arguing the right and wrong. The fellow practitioner has been taking his own money to do the project for several years. I just helped but was angry. I was so ashamed of myself.

So I texted him, “Recall that I was really unreasonable at that time. If time can be reversed, I will never do this. I am really sorry.” He replied, “Let them go and do well in the future.” Another gap disappeared.

In fact, who cannot forgive someone who dares to admit mistakes?

Let us have the courage to narrow our gaps and form a strong whole to save more beings.

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