What I Know of Earth's History and Mysteries (1): The Great and Glorious Civilization of Atlantis

Dao Ming, a Falun Dafa practitioner in mainland China

PureInsight | July 19, 2020


Preface: As the Fa rectification progresses, so do I continuously upgrade my xinxing in Dafa cultivation, assimilating myself to the universe's principles of Truthfulness-Benevolence-Forbearance, and as such, my wisdom deepens and my capabilities strengthen. Dafa has revealed to me, at my realm of cultivation, the truths of different levels, including Earth's history and mysteries. I have written these down to share with fellow practitioners.

The continent of Atlantis once upon a time had a glorious civilization. This continent existed for ten million years, during which countless civilizations played out over the course of history. Today I will discuss the most glorious period of Atlantis' history, a time 10,000 years ago — the era of the great God Apollo. Why was this period referred to as the Apollo era? Because this great dynasty was founded during the time when the God Apollo reincarnated on Earth to disseminate the Fa (just like how in this period of civilization Shakyamuni disseminated the Fa). Apollo brought about great political and military achievements, was brave and adept in combat, obeyed the will of heaven, and defeated all heretic tribes. He unified the nation and became the first Pope. Because he was the one who came to disseminate the Dao, the entire population at the time believed in the God Apollo.

When Apollo founded the dynasty, he brought together religious and political rule and replaced political power with religion. What followed was a glorious reign that continued for 20 generations of Kings. The Pope of each subsequent generation was known as the Son of Apollo and of Godly bloodline. Their science was completely different from todays. They devoted their efforts into researching science of the human body, paying particular attention to the oneness of heaven and humanity and propagating the orthodox divinely-imparted culture. I will now delve a little into the situation of the Apollo era.

Their ethnic group was the Anaye, (meaning, the ethnic group of a God's bloodline). The language used at the time was ancient Sanskrit. They had the appearance of white westerners. Their hair was flax-brown or light golden in color. Men were strong and handsome. Women were beautiful and dignified. (They seem to be like today's Ukrainians or white Russians). They mainly wore white or yellow robes. Their national flower was the walnut flower. Their city's architecture was much like the ancient style of western architecture. They used an ash-gray-colored stone to build a magnificent palace. The palace walls were engraved with legends, stories, and heroes from the distant past. These engravings were remarkably exquisite and ingenious. Each area's landmark building was a square-shaped tower as tall as 100 meters (approx. 328 feet). The landmark building of the capital was as tall as 200 meters (approx. 656 feet), and cultivators would cultivate at the tower top. These towers were also used to observe the movements of constellations and hold grand religious ceremonies. The Apollo era was the peak of the white people's divinely-imparted civilization. Emissaries from every continent were sent to Atlantis to learn advanced technology. Merchants would bring back to their countries the finest handiwork, fabrics, medical technology, medicine, plants, animals, and so on. There was an interesting phenomenon at the time in which the species of plants and animals brought back from Atlantis would survive for only one generation. This was because other countries lacked the divine strengthening (blessings), special soil, and environment that Atlantis had.

The military was exceptionally strong in the Apollo era. The army was mainly used to defeat rebel armies and heretics. When the army was in combat with an opposing side, they would first call upon an elder monk with outstanding Fa powers who would eliminate evil entities in other dimensions that were causing the conflict and then paralyze the enemy's thoughts. After that, various divine animals were summoned, including fire-breathing dragons, to eliminate the enemy's bodies in other dimensions. The injury to the enemy's bodies in other dimensions resulted in their losing the ability to fight in this dimension. Finally, holy knights would command holy soldiers to wipe out the enemy forces. Combat was as such, including naval warfare. Apollo's army was invincible. They had warships that would sail around to whichever continent they pleased, and all would respect them.

The economies of each dynasty during the Apollo era had great influence over all other continents. Because the Atlantean civilization was divinely imparted, the industries of society, people's wisdom, and technology, including all species of plants and animals, were strengthened by the divine, resulting in everything being great and beautiful. Wheat grains and dates were big. Each potato was around four to five kg (approx. 9-11 lbs). Horses at the time were twice the size of todays. Cows weighed 1,800 kg, (approx. two tons). Their items woven from silk were soft and exquisite and came in various patterns and gorgeous colors. Their handicrafts were of superior quality and most aesthetic. All items of clothing were family heirlooms.

For medicine, cultivators produced a dan that sold well across all continents. This dan was especially effective for many hard-to-treat cases. Atlantis had an exceptionally high moral standard overall. Owing to the influence of religion, people's relationships were very harmonious. Because the religion was practiced by the entire population, everyone treated each other as family. People would share their best things with others and keep less than the best for themselves. Everyone was this way. People were very selfless.

In the area of trade, besides regular business deals, trading one type of item for another was also favorable. The Apollo era dynasty had an enormous merchant ship that had its own holy navy escort. It engaged in trade around the whole globe. Many riches were gathered and brought back to benefit society and distribute among the populace.

For marriage, Atlanteans placed emphasis on pure blood and prohibited intermarriage with people of other nationalities. Those of lower social status were only granted permission to marry by an aristocrat. Atlantean women focused on strengthening their wisdom. They were good-looking and refined, and they had good moral values. These women were so ideal that they were the best candidates for any country's Imperial family to get married and become Empress. In terms of raising the next generation, when a baby was born, a cultivator was called upon to examine the baby's pre-determined course of life (that was arranged by a God) and help make preparations for the newborn's life. This was to ensure that the child could be raised and educated according to his or her innate skills, thereby growing up to become a useful pillar in society.

With respect to education, Atlantis incorporated religious schools, which were divided into three grades. Regardless of one's gender, everyone completed the first seven years of elementary education and the subsequent five years of middle grade education. Those with exceptional innate skills were tested before undertaking advanced studies, including high-level religious studies. Higher level religious schools studied a range of classics that covered various subjects such as writing and language. The higher the grade of study, the harder the material was to comprehend, and the closer it was to the language used in the white people's heavenly world. One must be a cultivator who had reached an advanced level in order to have his energy, abilities, and Fa power unlocked. Higher level religious schools studied ancient books that contained all sorts of high level secrets related to Fa abilities and ways of cultivation. If an ordinary person gained access to these texts by force, their life force would be instantly depleted, their life would be in danger, and it would be difficult to live more than seven days. To be successful in one's studies, one must be a guardian of the truth and an emissary of the divine in the human world.

History is like a play. Both you and I are actors in this play. There is pleasant music in the play, and then there is the last note that ends it all. As such, the glorious dynasty of the Apollo era could not avoid decline when that part of the play played out. In the final phase of the dynasty, religious politicians altered and badly twisted the meanings of religious teachings for fame and fortune. The corruption of religion led to the collapse of morality in the Atlantean society. In the end, all was destroyed by the divine. A huge flood and earthquake caused the continent of Atlantis to disappear. Their once resplendent civilization sank to the bottom of the ocean. We have gone through countless reincarnations. Looking back at past events as though they are right before our eyes, all those outstanding times … all pass by like smoke and clouds.

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