My Understanding on How the Specter of Communism Is Ruling Our World

A Dafa Disciple in Eastern USA

PureInsight | November 22, 2020

[] "How the Specter of Communism Is Ruling Our World" is a series of articles published by the editorial office of the Nine Commentaries. It is a deep analysis of modern human society. Not only to the ordinary people, it’s also a warning for Dafa practitioners and worth thinking about.

My understanding is the specter of Communism ruling our world means the Red Devil takes a majority part. The cultivators should clearly realize that before the Fa-rectification, the old forces who created the so-called various tests using the devil factors can go to extremes. At the last moment, all tricks are possible from the old forces. It means if the cultivator has any opinions based on this human world, the old forces might break it and reverse it to shake your confidence in cultivation.

Actually the old forces eliminate not only the ordinary people, but also the cultivators. In such a poisonous world, cultivators shouldn't have any attachment left such as any assumption that something is impossible to happen. For example, someone has been cultivated well and passed away suddenly. The cultivators around him seem to be unable to let go if they couldn’t find the reason based on Fa. However if you are too persistent, you will fall into the trap of the old forces. A true cultivator has nothing to relieve, but cultivates firmly without looking back. For example, Trump can be said to be the leader for anti-communism in the United States. But what do you think about him being infected with the CCP virus? It might confuse you and change your mind because many cultivators have expectations of Trump. Another example, everyone hopes the plague passes quickly and Shen Yun will continue their tours as soon as possible. However, if the epidemic is delayed, will your hope be completely wiped out? They try to make you change in this extreme way. Let’s make the most extreme assumption. If the CCP Red Devils are firmly supported by the old forces; the test will even be postponed to the last moment. In such a hopeless world, will you continue to cultivate? Can you stay calm still?

Per my understanding, the devil ruling our world might have either a devastating impact or no effect on cultivators. The fundamental understanding of cultivation is the key to the Dafa cultivators. For me, the most essential feature of the Fa-rectification period is that the universal Dafa has been spread and we have obtained Fa from Master. The next thing for the cultivators is to assimilate to the Fa. The ever-changing world is just a foothold for our assimilation to Fa.


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