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PureInsight | December 26, 2020

[] With the recent fraud in the U.S. elections, I calmly reflected and gained some insight.

After the Minghui editorial article and Master's article "On the General Election" were published, many fellow practitioners around me felt that this was a crucial test of whether we could consummate. They felt that this test is analogous to that of Dafa disciples in China from 1998-1999 and now being repeated in the United States. When reflecting upon Master’s articles  “For Whom do You Exist?” and “Digging Out the Roots” in Essentials for Further Advancement, I realized that we should let go of ordinary people’s “unwillingness to engage in politics” and step out to support Trump.

As a veteran disciple who has experienced these tribulations, I found that many new practitioners do not clearly understand how deeply the evil communist spirits have permeated the world, so these practitioners still view this election with human notions. My wife is also a fellow practitioner who has obtained the Fa for over three years. The test was really heart-wrenching. At first, she thought, "Are we not just doing politics?" She even considered giving up cultivation. Later, under Master’s hints, she realized her acquired notions and passed that hardship.

Throughout this process, I have always had a doubt: There are many veteran disciples who obtained the Fa before 1999 who similarly regard this election as a test for cultivators. In fact, I have had more or less similar thoughts. Otherwise, I would not have noticed them in fellow practitioners, much less harbor any doubts. For the university entrance exam, if the answers to the previous year's questions were announced, and this year's questions had a slight change in format, could a candidate copy last year's answers and successfully enter university? As I calmly studied the Fa, this doubt became clearer in my heart. When I read the line “fraud and corruption are harming a great nation” from Master’s article “On the General Election” the Fa awakened me: I was cheating. Rather than cheating on the surface ordinary level, I was cheating in the face of tribulations during cultivation.

For cultivators, nothing happens by accident. Chaos in the human world is often a reflection of our mentality. The mentality of wanting to copy the previous year’s exam answers to easily pass the test is fraud. In today's complicated situation, fraud is ubiquitous. Some schools and institutions hire people to take exams, steal the exam questions, and research them to find out the "rules". Fraud also happens for job promotions, salary increases, retirement, house allocation, and sending children to good schools. People rely on nepotism, connections, and bribery... Broadly speaking, fraud is the use of deception to achieve a goal without putting in the effort. In fact, it is opportunistic. If a student usually works hard and learns well, he does not have to consider cheating during the exam. On the contrary, if he wastes time playing and does not study well, he may consider cheating to get a high exam score.

On the other hand, when I examine my own cultivation, I often have a foolish mentality. For example, I recite the Fa while driving, but I gradually lost my devotion and respect to Dafa. In the beginning, I recited the Fa only on the highway where I could focus. I gradually became relaxed and recited while driving in the city where I was not focused on the Fa. Another example is studying the Fa during work breaks (delivering food) for a few minutes. On the surface, it seemed like I could study a lot every day and make money delivering food. I was proud of myself. But in fact, when studying the Fa, my mind was not calm, and the work environment also interfered, so I was not focused while studying the Fa. After a period of time, my cultivation state dropped significantly, and only then did I realize that my attitude towards Fa study was opportunistic and not serious.

Reading Master’s article “On the General Election”, I have a new understanding.

The reason why the communist devil can cause chaos in the universe is due to manipulation by high level old forces. The old forces’ excuse is that Dafa disciples have loopholes in their cultivation. Dafa disciples are each responsible for a portion of the universe’s cosmic body, with each portion being a huge celestial world (“a great nation”). Many problems with our own cultivation, including opportunistic fraud mentality, manifest as problems in the human world, such as fraud in the U.S. election.

Dafa disciples’ hearts contribute to everything in the world, influencing the worldly situation and people’s hearts.

If Dafa disciples can truly correct themselves and reach the standard with their righteous thoughts and knowledge of the Fa, then they will return to their true nature, and the human world will be rectified accordingly.

On the General Election” is not just meant for everyday people or Dafa disciples overseas or in the United States. It encompasses a test for all Dafa disciples and a chance to choose.


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