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A Dafa Disciple from Xi’an, China

PureInsight | May 29, 2021

[PureInsight.org] I am a Dafa disciple with my Third Eye closed, but Master is always protecting me and encouraging me to improve. I will share my enlightenment under the most difficult circumstances.

In 2001, I was kidnapped by the evil and taken to the detention center. That was the initial stage of my cultivation. I suddenly left home and changed to such a harsh living environment. It was always unpleasant in my heart. Although I was still firm in the Fa but can’t study Fa (there is no Dafa book to read), and can only persist in practicing the exercises, and life is difficult. I have been living among atheistic people for a long time, and even seeing several scenes of Buddha and Bodhisattva murals appearing in the archaeological news on TV can make me happy for a while.

One day at noon, I started to meditate while others in the cell were on their lunch break. Suddenly someone woke up, ran to the backyard, and shouted to the people there, “Someone is meditating in the cell, and I saw a ring around his head, showing golden light, go and see.” They came in and looked at me. They didn’t see anything, so they went outside and cursed this man and called him a liar. Then this man looked at me again and said nothing. At night, when I went to bed, he came to talk to me. He told me that he woke up from his sleep during his lunch break. In a trance, he saw a ring of light on my head when I was meditating. He felt excited and thought how it could be possible. He wanted to take a closer look then it became blurry and then it disappeared. It was wrong to call him a liar. This strengthened my faith in Dafa even more.

I told him that I know that many of your people in Guangdong believe in Buddhism. I am a Dafa cultivator and I am also a cultivator of Buddha. Of Course, I am different from ordinary people. So, when you see it, do not tell the others about it.

In 2016, I was kidnapped by the evil again to the detention center and detained for a long time. After more than a year, I started to feel miserable again. In the process of clarifying the truth to the people inside, one person was able to listen to what I said. The doctor inside did not treat him on his problem with his wrist, and so I told him to chant the nine-character mantra: “Falun Dafa is good. Truth-Compassion-Tolerance is good.” He was sincere and was healed soon. I told him to keep chanting, it would be good. He believed it very much. A few days later, he was very excited to tell me that he was lying on the quilt before going to bed and reciting the nine-character mantra. As he recite it, his body floated up, even the quilt floated up. But it’s not high. With the palm of his hand, he still felt it was an illusion. He touched the mattress with his hand and indeed the whole body was suspended. It’s just because the quilt on the body covering him so others don’t know. He came to ask me what was going on and I said it was a good thing! Three months later, he had the same phenomenon again. I also know that this was Master who is encouraging me. When I was in trouble, it made me resolutely follow the path of God in hardship.

Chinese version: https://www.zhengjian.org/node/265077


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