As Long as I Have the Heart to Save People, Master Will Arrange for Me

Fu Yi Xing from Shandong, China

PureInsight | September 11, 2021

[] During the epidemic last year, I distributed the truth materials to about 800 households in the community where I live, nearly 1,000 households. There are more than a hundred households remaining, and because the occupants were out, I was not able to distribute at that time. I have always felt sorry for these sentient beings. This year, I think the weather is warm and there will be a chance to save them.

Master saw that I had the heart to save people, so he arranged another chance for me. Before and after the Qingming Festival, I discovered that several unit doors that had been closed last year were opened. I immediately prepared materials such as QR code cards, prophecy and reality, wish you peace, Minghui truth, nine-character mantra and how to save yourself when the epidemic is raging. I put these materials in a self-sealing bag and paste them on the door of each unit.

I always check the units the next day to see if they were taken. There were three unoccupied houses in one unit. A person put three materials on the door of one house. I was very grateful to this person. This is all Master’s arrangement! These occupants are not ordinary people and they are all leading cadres. They can understand the truth, and it will play a good role in promoting the truth to all people in their unit. Last year there were a total of four-units building of leadership role persons, one of which was not opened. This year, they were all opened under Master's arrangement. I have delivered truth-saving materials from door to door. Except for one family who put the materials on a large box on the first floor, none of them lost the truth materials. I searched for them family by family. Now there are only a few unit doors left. Yesterday I found that another door was open. I first pasted a truth message in the corridor, and then I sent them truth materials.

As long as we are diligent, Master will definitely give us the opportunity. In addition to distributing to the sentient beings whom I did not manage to do last year, I have not forgotten them

We can also use people who know the truth to help us pass on the truth. In recent years, my family’s relatives who know the truth have all helped me pass and spread the truth materials. I provided them with materials, and they all spread to their relatives and friends. The effect is particularly good.

As long as we have the heart to save people in the face of the epidemic, Master will help us. Since last year, I feel that the people of the world are really looking forward to their salvation. We are their only hope and if we cannot save them, they will really be eliminated with the end of Fa-rectification.

In the distribution of truth-clarification materials, I discovered that sending and posting the truth can be done in conjunction with each other. To post the truth, we must seize some favorable opportunities. For example, I will paste the small truth on the New Year Eve afternoon every year and paste it on the appropriate place of each unit door, so that no one will move until the 15th of the first lunar month. In addition, if you do not paste posters on the first floor on weekdays, you can paste them on the second or third floor to avoid the chance of cleaning. It can also be pasted on the sidewalk. Then there is the distribution of truth-clarification materials. If you distribute them in your own community, you can first check the occupants of each unit at night to avoid unoccupied units and not waste of Dafa resources.

Now, it’s the best time for us to give out the truth materials to those who do not open the unit doors on weekdays and cannot get the truth materials. Because every year when the weather is warm, people often open the unit door for ventilation. We can take this opportunity to save them.

In short, I feel that as long as I have the heart to save people, Master will arrange the best time for me. For example: A few days ago, a person who hadn't seen each other in 45 years, she stared at me, but I just didn't know her. She said that she met me more than forty years ago. If it weren't because of Master's arrangement, how could someone who hadn't seen me in more than 40 years recognize me? In fact, this is a destined person arranged by Master. I immediately clarified the truth to her and she made three withdrawals from CCP. I also gave her and her sister the truth materials. At that moment, I was shocked from the bottom of my heart. The world is looking forward to salvation. From the bottom of my heart, I thank Master for his compassion. Master is worrying about me, but he has given his disciples the opportunity to build mighty virtue. I will definitely live up to Master’s high expectations and seize the opportunity to do three things well so that more people in the world will be saved.

The above is some of my personal experiences and opinions, if there are anything not on the Fa, I hope fellow practitioners can kindly correct me. Thank you!

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