Save Younger Disciple and Go Home with Master

A Dafa disciple in Hei Longjiang

PureInsight | September 11, 2021

[] Xiao Rui, my grandson celebrated his one-year-old birthday on April 11, 2021. At that moment, my heart was rippling and ups and downs. The little being came to obtain the Fa and I aim to look after and educate him to go home with Master. 

This is a true story. This young child came to this world by experiencing severe tribulations. When his mother was pregnant, his father lost his house in Shen Zhen and owed lots of foreign debts. His father forced his mother to abort the baby. When his mother refused, she was beaten. His mother suffered all the torture, and finally came to my home. Now the mother and son are dependent on each other. If they were not Dafa disciples and were not protected by Master, they would have died.

The young disciple is from an ordinary working family in Shen Zhen and already had an elder brother. As he was accidentally conceived, his father did not want him. To protect him, his mother was forced to leave the house and to move into a hotel. Then his father threw his mother's properties and clothes into the trash bin. The hotels in Shen Zhen are expensive, which are not affordable. As his mother felt helpless, she returned home again. From then on, domestic violence began. His father threatened to kill his mother and son.

At that stage, my daughter lived in fear every day. She said to me, “What should I do? I’m not leading a life temporarily. It is so difficult to sustain.” At such a critical time, she was enlightened, “I should leave the family and save the child.” She packed her things in rush, but was discovered by her husband and suffered more domestic violence. Her ID card was taken away by her husband. A ticket cannot be purchased without an ID card. My daughter thought, “shouldn't my child come to this world? No, this is what Master wants. I must protect him and give him to Master safely.”

Then my daughter witnessed a miracle: the opposite door to my daughter's house was the security room, which was open. She thought, “This is for me.” My daughter went into the room immediately, and then said to the security guard, “I would like to leave some of my properties here. Then I will take a taxi to get to the train station to post them.” The security guard said, “Let's help you go to the train station now and post your things.” After the items were posted, the station also waived more than two hundred yuan, which was unbelievable. Also, the ID card was not an issue. My daughter bought the air ticket without any difficulties. I reckoned that all had been arranged by Master to help the younger disciple to settle down at a safe place. This little being came to obtain the Fa. We are determined to take good care of this younger disciple, hand him over to Master safely, and go home with Master!

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