A Young Disciple’s Adventure

A Dafa Disciple in Mainland China

PureInsight | January 20, 2022

[PureInsight.org] Huzi is a ten-year-old in fourth grade. In first grade, he started to learn Dafa with his aunt. Every summer vacation, he attended Master’s nine-day Falun Gong video workshop arranged by local coordinator. Dafa made him intelligent. He was top in the class in math, and his parents never worried about him academically. Although Huzi’s parents do not practice Dafa, they encouraged him to study the Fa with his aunt. Because he was mature, he could walk to and from school independently. He is a very good child in our family.


In October 2021, Huzi encountered danger. At the moment of crisis, he begged Master for help, and disaster was averted.

One day after school, many people were picking up their children. Huzi left a little later that day, walking alone on a road in front of the school. A short distance away, a middle-aged man riding a motorcycle and wearing a helmet stopped by his side and said kindly, "Hello, child. Is school over? Hop on. Uncle will drive you home." Huzi subconsciously wanted to raise his leg to sit in the back seat, but at that moment, he suddenly realized, “I cannot ride in his car. I do not know this person at all.” Huzi ignored him.

However, the motorcyclist followed him closely and kept saying, "Hop on!" The man kept laughing and following him. Huzi seemed to have no choice but to get on the motorcycle. At that time, there were no other adults around, so he was terrified. Huzi wanted to rush across the intersection, but the traffic light turned red. He thought, “I should not run the red light. What should I do?” He glanced back and saw the motorcyclist right behind him, ready to strike at any time.

It suddenly occurred to Huzi that Master was caring for him. He shouted in his heart, “Master, please help me!” Then he shouted in his heart, “Falun Dafa is good! Zhen-Shan-Ren is good!” twice. Then he felt much less terrified. The motorcyclist stopped targeting him and quietly rode away.

Some fellow practitioners said, “The wicked CCP (Chinese communist party) not only harvests organs from the living bodies of Dafa disciples, but it also targets death row prisoners. Cases of missing elementary school students often occur. What kind of world do we live in today?”


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