The Promise a Practitioner Made to Celestial Beings Before Descending to Earth

Fa Lian

PureInsight | January 2, 2022

[] I recently came into contact with a young local practitioner. From our conversation, I realized that this young practitioner had been deeply caught up in the secular world recently. After the publication of Master’s new scripture, "Wake Up," this practitioner was deeply shocked, had deep regret, and blamed himself for not fulfilling his vows over the past few years. The most microscopic aspect of his life was touched.

At my current level of cultivation, I witnessed this practitioner's last speech to the innumerable, countless sentient beings in the huge celestial body represented by him before he came down from the original level of his life. I transcribed his following speech in heaven. Hopefully this will encourage practitioners to be more diligent, and serve as a reminder of the vows we made before descending here.

When the cosmic celestial bodies is at the end of formation, stasis, degeneration, and destruction, in a very high realm of the cosmic celestial body, a god learned that among the larger celestial bodies, the Creator of the universe will go down to the centre of the universe. The Creator will turn the Falun at the last moment, renew the entire universe, which is the only hope of salvation for the entire universe. This god did not hesitate to join the ranks of those descending to the Earth with the Creator. At that moment, that god displayed his vast supernatural powers and solemn Buddha image to the countless worlds within the layers of universe in the layers of celestial bodies in his own realm. His divine voice spread to every corner of his universe, "The catastrophe of the universe is approaching. I will follow Master to go down to the human world. When the Fa rectifies the universe, there will be a great many changes during that period. All that I can enlighten from the Fa will be retained. At that time, I will follow Master to obtain the Fa and practice cultivation. We will also rectify the old Fa which no longer works. My sentient beings and my relatives, you must abide by your duties, maintain kindness in your hearts, and await my return. I will be with you. I have signed the sacred vow with Lord Buddha. I will miss you all. Your life and death is also my life and death, so there's no need to worry.”

When I saw this celestial body radiating with auspiciousness, the entire celestial body was completely aglow. This was the last time he purified his celestial body before descending to the Earth. Then the god slowly disappeared within his own realm as he joined the ranks of those going down to the Earth.

The countless worlds in this huge celestial body represented by him have been performing the most sacred drama, "The Return of the King." This drama is the most sacred ritual in those worlds and it is also their hope of survival.

Fellow practitioners, in Master’s latest lectures, we may feel that Master addresses us more and more seriously. Master is anxious. If we continue to cultivate as slowly as before, we won't live up to Master’s expectations. We will thus be truly sorry to the sentient beings who had eagerly pinned their hope on us.

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