Journey of Sacred Destiny (2): Motian Kingdom and the Pyramid


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In the previous section, it was mentioned that the Five-Colored Lotus Queen and the Thunderbolt Vajra had a predestined relationship, and as they descended to different levels, they took on different forms. However, only the Lotus Queen and the Thunderbolt Vajra are relevant to the Pyramid, so we will not elaborate on the others.

Returning to the main topic.

Eighty million years ago, on Earth, there were three types of humans coexisting: large, medium, and small. The medium-sized humans were like us, with an average height of less than two meters. The large humans were about five meters tall, while the small humans were only a few inches tall. Large, medium, and small humans lived in different regions, with high mountains, oceans, deserts, and other barriers separating them, so they did not interfere with each other.

Within a vast area of Earth lived the large humans. Although they were about five meters tall, their proportions were well-balanced. Different giant kingdoms worshipped different deities.

In the middle of Europa, there was a large human named Mo Tan, a mighty warrior with extraordinary strength, who enjoyed a carefree life. He traveled through several countries, but none of them seemed to be the place he wanted to stay. One night, he dreamt of a blond, blue-eyed god in white, who told him, "You should go to Charophy and establish your legacy there."

After awakening, Mo Tan decided to follow the guidance of the deity and search for Charophy. He traveled to many places but did not find it.

Eleven years passed, and he still persisted.

One day, he arrived at a place with green mountains and clear waters, beautiful scenery, and felt that this place was where he wanted to find.

He saw a white-clad woman sitting on a rock in the distance, so he walked towards her. When he approached, he bowed and respectfully said, "Excuse me, is this Charophy?"

The woman laughed when she heard this, and said, "I am Charophy. How did you know my name?"

Mo Tan was stunned and told the woman about the guidance of the deity in his dream.

The woman's expression became solemn and she said, "I have been waiting here for a long time, for eleven years. What you saw was my sister, Europa. When she sent someone to find me, my mission was completed, and I should return to heaven."

After speaking, Charophy changed into three different forms: the Buddha of Joy, the God of War, and the Goddess of Earth. After completing the transformation, she returned to her original form and said to Mo Tan, "You can worship these three deities to protect your country. Your children will carry forward your cause. I will also give you two immortal pills. Keep them for your children, and they will have their own arrangements when the time comes."

After speaking, she took out a small green bottle from her clothes and handed it to Mo Tan. Mo Tan accepted it and was about to thank her, but she disappeared.

Mo Tan thanked and saluted where she disappeared and remembered the place. He worked hard to help people in the area; using the money he earned to hire the best local craftsmen, Kunya, to sculpt the three statues of the deities according to his impression. He also built a house at the place where he found Charophy to worship the three deities.

After that, Mo Tan sincerely worshipped the deities every day and did good deeds in the area, eliminating evil spirits, killing the horned dragons (a kind of evil dinosaur) and the ice leeches that caused trouble for people, helping to build bridges and repair roads, etc. People knew that a noble and brave hero had come, and they were willing to gather around him and regard him as their leader.

Mo Tan's wisdom, sincerity, and extraordinary strength made his prestige higher and higher. Later, people elected him as the king and established a country in the area, named "Motian Kingdom."

(to be continued)

Note: Charophy that Mo Tan saw is the goddess who rules the African continent; Europa in his dream is the goddess who rules the European continent. Therefore, later on, "Charophy" also refers to the African region, and "Europa" also refers to the European region.

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