The Awakening Has Come to Sentient Beings

Wang Lizi

PureInsight | June 24, 2022


I got to know Ms. Hua when my husband took me to go sightseeing.

One day, a small group of us climbed a mountain to collect mushrooms, and after finishing, as we drove home, Ms. Hua –whom I met for the first time, said she was getting old, so she would rather not climb the mountain again. As I first met her, I took opportunity to clarify the truth of Dafa to her.

She was smart and believed what I had said; so on that day I played the recording of Master’s Lectures and gave her a Shen Yun CD.

When I met her again, she said that the CDs I gave her were fabulous. Therefore, her daughter copied a lot of them and gave them to relatives.

Later I met Ms. Hua again. She told me that her daughter often wore a big mask and carried a large bag of truth clarification materials to nearby buildings. Once she was going downstairs and saw her daughter sticking flyers to the wall. Ms. Hua dragged her daughter back home, and shouted at her, "CCP is so wicked, while you are too young, what shall I do if you get arrested? You are a key teacher of the school.” Her daughter replied, "Mom, I'm doing a good deed. Let the people know the truth and don't be deceived by the vile party." Ms. Hua later said to her daughter, “As Mom is getting old, and I don’t feel scared. So let me help you.” Ms. Hua bought a computer for her daughter to contribute to clarify the truth of Dafa.

Later, I heard that her daughter got divorced. The son-in-law saw his wife printing large quantity of truth-clarification leaflets every day, and he felt too scared to go back home.

In 2016, Ms. Hua was diagnosed with a brain hemorrhage and was hospitalized. I went to the hospital to see her. I also met her daughter, who had been promoted to the position of principal. I heard that the doctor issued her a terminal illness notice, but she miraculously survived.

Ms. Hua’s daughter told her that saving people is a good deed. When she was discharged from the hospital, she could not walk steadily, but continue to help her daughter with truth-clarification stickers. The daughter told her how to paste it. After she had the sticker pasted, she took a photo of her work to be reviewed by her daughter. Then she received a feedback about how to do this more beautifully. She said that she got up at 3am every day. Although she had some difficulties walking, her body was light when distributing truth-clarification leaflets. When going back home, she walked vigorously and felt delighted.

When I met with her recently, her health condition was pretty good. Though she did not step into the path of cultivating Dafa, she kept saving sentient beings. I said to her, “As you contributed to Dafa, my Master will look after you.” She replied to me, “Yes, that was indeed the case. Even doctors could not figure it out how come I recovered.”

Ms. Hua herself has already chosen a bright future.

Please kindly point out anything that does not conform to the Fa.


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