Amazing, the Supernatural Feelings of a New Practitioner Who Have Only Practiced the Exercises for 19 Days —— Excerpts from Exercise Diaries

Bi Hai in Singapore

PureInsight | August 1, 2023

[] Bi Hai is a new practitioner from Singapore. In April, a veteran practitioner encouraged her to read two precious books Falun Gong and Zhuan Falun, learn five exercises of Falun Gong, and begin to practice Falun Dafa. Surprisingly, she could clearly feel the powerful blessing of Master on her first day of practice.  During the following days of practicing, she felt the Falun that Master gave her turning in different parts of her body every day. Master opened her Celestial Eye and continuously helped her to eliminate her karma.

Below is a comprehensive document based on her practice diary, and she has agreed to make it public. It is hoped that more people with predestined relationships will be encouraged to join the extraordinary Falun Dafa practice team that strengthens their health and rapidly improves their lives, finding one’s true selves and way home.

On the First Day of Practice

On the first day of practice, when I practiced the second exercise "Falun Standing Stance", I felt my hands were so sore that I almost felt like they were going to break. I felt so uncomfortable that I could not lift them up or put them down. I was sweating so much that, felt the moisture (karma) on my body was being eliminated.

When the music is about to end, the pain was even more unbearable. I knew that I must endure it. I know that Dafa is not easy to come by, so I should cherish it and not give up easily. I needed to persevere to the end, and I could not put them down. Otherwise, today’s effort will be in vain. The second exercise requires a lot of concentration and perseverance. In the end, when I folded my hands near my lower abdomen, I felt a special power blessing and a bright yellow light appeared in front of my eyes... I have never seen it before. I am grateful for the Master’s blessing and enlightenment, and I am grateful to the Master.

On the Second Day of Practice

Many feelings are the same as yesterday. But today when holding the wheel in front of my abdomen, I felt like an electric current flowing on my legs appearing again and again. I felt the electric current piercing the skin from the upper, lower, left, and right sides of the calf, and I felt numbness, soreness, and discomfort, all of which are the past greed and hatred, born of ignorance (note: Bi Hai was a Buddhist before she obtained the Fa), I have to repent everything today. When I folded my hands near my lower abdomen, a blue light appeared in front of my eyes, a very beautiful blue light.

On the Third Day of Practice

When I was practicing the second exercise, holding the wheel in front of the abdomen, I felt the movement of Qi, which was rotating very regularly. My heels would move slightly from side to side, and my waist would also turn a little, but I could always stand firm. When I held the wheel above my head, my posture may not be good enough, or maybe because of other reasons, I felt my hands were so sore that I could not lift to the right position. Unconsciously, Master helped correct my posture. I would not feel sore anymore. Instead, I felt relaxed and free, feeling the Qi was still rotating. When I folded my hands near my lower abdomen, I still felt a strong field of layers of Qi and felt peaceful and joyful.

On the Seventh Day of Practice

(I was learning while practicing, but I only learned the first three exercises in the first week)

My feeling was the same as the previous few days, but today when I practiced the third exercise indoors at home, I felt very, very small drops of water sprinkled on the top of the head and the back of the head, very cool. I could not help recalling the allusion in Buddhism that there is a poplar branch dipped in water and sprinkled with dew to eliminate karma for all beings, I realized that it was Master who enlightened me, it was Master who eliminated karma for me so that I could be brave and diligent on the road of practicing Dafa.

On the Eighth Day of Practice

I learned the fourth exercise yesterday, and today I could finish the first exercise to the fourth exercise in a row. I still feel strongest when I practice the second exercise. When I held the wheel above my head, I suddenly felt lightning strike my head, and then numerous tiny needles lightly pierced the top of the head, the skull. I felt a lot of energy pouring into my brain. In addition, I felt that there was a Falun spinning between my two hands, and I also felt that the Falun was very big, rotating in the Milky Way.

On the Tenth and Eleventh Day of Practice

After practicing the first exercise, I can obviously feel the Qi in the lower abdomen, rotating and moving.

There are still tiny invisible magical water drops, sprinkled on my head, arms, and legs as if cleansing me.

When I was holding the wheel in front of the abdomen, I did not feel sore anymore. The flow of Qi was not hindered and was rotating in the Dantian area, which made me feel very comfortable. I was grateful for Master's powerful blessing, and I was grateful for Master's immeasurable mercy for me who had previously committed a lot of sins.

When I was holding the wheel on both sides, I felt a kind of force adjusting my fingers. I used to have problems with my cervical spine, and I felt pain from time to time for many years. I felt that Master was adjusting my cervical spine. After the adjustment, I felt much more comfortable.

On the Twelfth Day of Practice

When I practiced the fourth exercise, I felt that the whole Qi field was in motion. I felt Qi was flowing and I was sweating profusely. Master continued to sprinkle magical water drops on me. They were cool and refreshing, washing away my bad karma and adding positive energy.

I have poor eyesight, but I felt that Master was adjusting my eyes, as well as my mouth and teeth. It may be because my teeth are missing. After the adjustment, my eyes and mouth feel very comfortable.

On the Eighteenth Day of Practice

I started practicing all five exercises now. Practicing the first exercise, in the beginning, bursts of silver light appeared in front of my eyes, silver light appeared in my lower abdomen, and then a large piece of purple light appeared in front of my eyes. There was a cave in the purple light, and there was another scene in the cave. The vast blue sky, and white tall buildings appearing under the blue sky, is very spectacular, beyond words.

When practicing the second exercise, I felt that I saw a huge circle appearing in the sky, surrounded by many towering trees reaching the sky, and I saw a golden light shooting from not far in front of my eyes into the infinite sky. I also saw lights of various colors, such as yellow, red, blue, gold, and purple.

When practicing the fifth exercise yesterday, my legs were in severe pain. Today, my legs were no longer hurting, but my cervical spine was a little painful but at a bearable level. I could feel the energy convection between the lower abdomen and the Yongquan acupoint on the soles of the feet. My stomach sounded gurgling like the water in the pipe was flowing. I felt this five to six times. Perhaps Master was helping me to treat the fibroids that had existed for thirty years.

On the Nineteenth Day of Practice

Practicing the first exercise, I still felt a huge energy field, dredging the whole body, and seeing the purple sea of clouds in the vast universe, and magnificent scenes of other dimensions appearing and disappearing in front of my eyes. It is very wonderful and beyond words, I felt like I was in heaven.

Practicing the fifth exercise, I felt my body temperature rising and I sweated a lot. I saw a yellow circle of light appearing in front of my eyes, and the Qi was spinning in the lower abdomen. My lower abdomen was like a ball-like space, it was very comfortable sitting. After getting out of meditation, I felt that the Falun in the body was still spinning.

I respect Falun Dafa infinitely, and I am infinitely grateful to the great Master for letting me find my true self and my way home.


Summary: this practitioner was a kind-hearted Buddhist before, she had a certain understanding of the purpose of cultivation, and her foundation was relatively good. After practicing Falun Dafa, Master quickly opened her Celestial Eye, gave her the Falun, and adjusted her body gradually. Her experiences were quite typical and could help many people who have not practiced Falun Dafa to have a positive understanding of the greatness of Falun Dafa. It is also a good encouragement and enlightenment for new practitioners. However, all the content in the diary does not mean that the practitioner has a high level or how great her predestined relationship is. It can only show that the practitioner has a relatively good foundation and will improve faster once she cultivates. This fellow practitioner was very lucky. The compassionate and great Master eliminated karma for her, gave her the Falun, opened her Celestial Eye, and put all the good things needed for cultivation on her body.

Every Dafa disciple should remind oneself that the rich perceptual knowledge gained in cultivation needs to be sublimated into a rational understanding of Dafa through continuous study of the Fa and exercises so that one can keep up with the Master's Fa-rectification process as soon as possible, and finally return to one’s true home.


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