Cherish Every Day of Cultivating and Saving People in the World


PureInsight | August 27, 2023

[] A few days ago, because of the hurtful words my husband said to me, I have been unwilling to forgive him in my heart. In fact, Master has repeatedly hinted at me that everything is caused by my own karma, and everything has a reason. But I am always blocked by this fake reality, unwilling to face the essence under the surface, so this test is always difficult to pass. When I woke up in the morning, when my consciousness just woke up, a clear idea appeared in my mind: cherish. In an instant, I understood that this is Master telling me to cherish every test I have passed!

I could not help asking myself: If this is my last day of cultivation in the world if the Fa-rectification ends tomorrow, the level of Dafa disciples' cultivation and the number of people saved will be fixed, and it does not matter what I do or how much I do in the future. Am I still struggling with the hurt of my husband? Will I still be so obsessed with trials and passes? Will I still cling to those attachments and not let go of my human heart? Do I still not get up to do exercises in the morning because I am lazy? Will I still stop myself from saving people because of various human thoughts and notions? Will I still pick and choose when clarifying the truth? Will I still procrastinate because I "feel that he won't listen and it's hard to speak"?

I do not think so! Why? Because facing the end of Fa-rectification, all human thoughts and notions are no longer important, and are not worth mentioning. Nothing is as important as the end of Fa-rectification and returning home with Master! But why am I so obsessed with it now? Why is comprehension so poor? Why cannot I give up human attachments?

Do not we all know it? The current time is the time that Master has bought and continued through his enormous endurance. This time is the time for Dafa disciples to save sentient beings. While saving sentient beings, we must cultivate ourselves well. Because if we cannot cultivate ourselves, the people we save will have nowhere to go.  If I am still dragging my feet when facing a test, is not this taking Master's mercy as a trifle matter? Not only should I cherish every day now, but some fellow practitioners cherish every minute and every second! Now I suddenly understand what Master said: Teaching the Fa in the City of Chicago  from Collected Teachings Given Around the World, Volume VII, “This instant is precious beyond measure.”

Thinking about my recent performance, I am really ashamed, and I am really sorry for Master. The cultivation path arranged by Master for the disciples is one after another. Master said in Zhuan Falun, “Every test or every tribulation is related to the matter of either progression or regression in cultivation.” Cultivation is like sailing against the current. If one does not advance, one will fall back! Time is so tight, and I am still stuck in this false reality, sometime having a clear mind, sometimes having an unclear mind, ignoring the responsibilities and missions of Dafa disciples. It is really unreasonable!

I write down some of my recent experiences to motivate myself, and also to remind fellow practitioners: treat each day now as the last day before the end of Fa-rectification, cherish every opportunity to pass the test, cherish every opportunity to save people, and do not leave yourself with regrets for life.

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