As A Disciple, I Can Only Be Grateful

A Mainland Dafa Disciple

PureInsight | December 3, 2023


——Thoughts after Studying Master’s New Scriptures

I was fortunate enough to obtain the Fa in 1997. I remember those days when I first obtained the Fa. Through studying the Fa, I learned that I could become a "Buddha." Later, in the Fa, I realized that the infinite gratitude I felt towards Master was the result of Master pulling me from the hell and cleansing me during the final tribulation period of the universe, and then bringing the shining golden Falun and tens of thousands of endless mechanisms, and opportunities, which cannot be measured by value...

Therefore, during the past twenty years of cultivation, whether in a peaceful environment, amidst the evil's crazy persecution, in a devil's cave, or under tremendous pressure, I have unswervingly walked on the path of validating the Fa without hesitation. On the cultivation path, I never compromised with any evil, and always said firmly, "Practice!" Even in the midst of extreme danger and life-and-death decisions - when facing the hysterical, crazy person who was about to chop at me with machetes, I didn’t give in, at that moment, I achieved "the heart is like still water", and my heart was filled with happiness – “I am a Dafa disciple!” This scene only scared my 10-year-old daughter into screaming. In the end, Master protected me and saved my life. The man holding the machete had a heart attack and fell on the sofa.

Along the way, during these more than twenty spring and autumn years, my entire body and mind, and every cell from macroscopic to microscopic, are filled with infinite gratitude and admiration for Master. Master's kindness cannot be repaid, and we cannot know the sacrifice and endurance Master has given to the disciples. If Master had not come down to rectify the Fa, to say the least, the earth would have been wiped out. Would any life on the planet still exist? Speaking on a larger scale, the Milky Way, the small universe, the immense galaxy, the great sky, celestial bodies, celestial body systems, and even larger areas that we cannot imagine can all be renewed and reorganized by relying on Master's compassion and tremendous endurance. Without Master's Fa-rectification, everything would have disintegrated long time ago and would be in a state of "emptiness".

Therefore, all matter and life that can exist up to now should be grateful to Master. They all owe Master, and nothing can repay Master. Then only if life obeys the laws of "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance" in the universe and does it humbly, otherwise it will not be able to ascend to the new universe.

A life that knows how to be grateful has a conscience! Only a grateful life has love! Only then can the heart be filled with sunshine!

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