Journey of Sacred Destiny: (13) Motian Kingdom and the Pyramid


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[] King Gang Le of the Modi Kingdom led his troops to defeat the Jule Kingdom and headed south, killing, burning, and looting along the way. With swift movements, they arrived at the capital of Jule Kingdom. At the city gate, they encountered resistance, but after breaking through, Gang Le was surprised to learn that it was all a plan by the Queen. He led his men straight to the palace and found no one guarding the entrance. Gang Le swaggered in.

Inside the palace, Gang Le saw the Queen at the inner door. At that moment, he was a little dizzy. The Queen wore white clothes, she was beautiful, calm, composed, and had an invisible dignity that stopped Gang Le in his tracks. Gang Le opened his mouth but did not know what to say, he stared at Mo Cai.

Mo Cai said, "King, I have heard about what your army has done on their way here. I want to know, what else do you plan to do?"

Gang Le calmed down for a moment and quickly made a decision. He said, "I will ensure that my troops no longer offend the people and I will ensure the safety of the capital." Gang Le turned around and gave orders to his messenger to have the follow-up troops stationed outside the city. The messenger looked surprised at Gang Le, blinked twice, and then turned to leave under Gang Le's imposing presence.

Gang Le continued, "I will show my sincerity to ensure that the people have no worries. But in return, I have a request. I would like to invite you to visit Modi Kingdom." Mo Cai nodded in agreement, praying to the gods that her brother would come to rescue her.

Mo Cai then made a request to Gang Le to obtain the body of Dai Le and give him a proper burial as a King. Gang Le thought for a moment and said, "Okay, I will return the King's body, but I will leave this matter to the priests to handle. Let the King's soul rest in peace. I hope you will not interfere and follow my arrangements." Mo Cai agreed.

Strangely enough, the word "destroy" on the Tongtian chessboard slowly stopped jumping.

After staying in Jule Kingdom's capital for three days, Gang Le issued a series of orders to restrain his soldiers. He handed over the affairs of Jule Kingdom to his cousin and provided disaster relief in the northwest before setting off back to his own country. Along the way, Gang Le showed great respect to Mo Cai and also tried to display his talents. He had a secret in his heart, which was to make Mo Cai his queen, but for some reason, he felt uneasy about it.

Upon his return to his country, Gang Le sent Mo Cai to his mother's place. He washed away the dust and dirt, went to worship gods and buddhas, and received an oracle, "Do not have improper thoughts about this woman. Your Queen is in a faraway place. Send this Queen back to Motian Kingdom and make her promise not to forget the land of Modi Kingdom when she achieves success in the future."

After feeling relieved in his heart, Gang Le went to meet Mo Cai and expressed his intention to send her back to Motian Kingdom. At the same time, he made a request and hoped that Mo Cai could make a promise. Mo Cai thanked Gang Le for sending her back to her motherland and agreed to Gang Le's request to make a solemn promise. In the temple of Modi Kingdom, Mo Cai made a solemn promise that she would not forget Modi Kingdom when she achieved success in the future.

At the court banquet hosted by Gang Le, he gave Mo Cai a distinguished seat. On the right side of Gang Le's seat was a table adorned with pearls and jade, and Mo Cai sat calmly in front of the table. The political officials of Modi Kingdom looked at Mo Cai and secretly expressed their surprise. Mo Cai was beautiful, extraordinary, and elegant, and her demeanor commanded respect. No one looked down on her. On the contrary, these dignitaries all knew that the gods valued this woman very much. She was destined to become a goddess because only a goddess could achieve great promises and radiate light not only from her face but also from her clothes. The King also respected her greatly.

Speaking of the Land of Modi, one day Mo Le had a dream. He dreamed that he went to a lush place and saw a big tree with a pink flower growing under it. The flower was magnificent and beautiful, but suddenly the tree tilted to one side. He was puzzled by the tree's sudden fall. Then he looked at the flower, and it turned white and fragile. Mo Le could not bear it and wanted to move the flower back to the palace. When he woke up, he could not understand the meaning of the dream. He went to the pagoda to seek guidance from the divine will, which showed that the princess was coming back.

Mo Le immediately sent someone to inquire about the situation in the Kingdom of Jule. He soon learned that Dai Le had died, and Mo Cai was taken away by the King of Modi. Mo Le was furious and wanted to attack Modi's Kingdom. However, he quickly calmed down and went to the pagoda to seek guidance from the divine will. The divine will told him that there was no need to do so, as Mo Cai's merit in building the tower would bring her blessings in this life and the distant future, and the gods would ensure her safe return. Mo Le felt relieved and prepared to welcome his sister's return. He and Wen Mei decorated her room anew.

At this time, a nursery rhyme began to spread in the capital of Motian Kingdom. The rhyme goes:

     "The sky is clear and cannot be deceived,
     The green hills and clear waters welcome the holy chess game;
     The water is gentle and the dew smiles,
     The chess girl returns to present the holy chess,
     The light of the sky and the shadow of the clouds reveal the giant Buddha,
     The ancient gate of heaven leaves the ladder to heaven."

Upon hearing the nursery rhyme, Meng Gang smiled slightly. Upon hearing it, Mo Le went to see the priest and asked for divine guidance. Meng Gang told him that the nursery rhyme referred to the appearance of the Tongtian chessboard in Motian Kingdom. When the Tongtian chessboard appears, a great Buddha will be worshipped in Motian Kingdom, giving people hope for salvation.

Gang Le, with a grand escort, brought Mo Cai back to Motian Kingdom. Mo Le received a letter of apology and confirmation of his sister's safety from the Modi Kingdom's messenger, and was overjoyed. He personally led his men to welcome her back from afar.

Gang Le's ceremonial procession met with Mo Le's welcoming delegation. Gang Le apologized to Mo Le, and Mo Le treated Gang Le with courtesy. Gang Le was impressed by Mo Le's demeanor, realizing that there are always people who stand out. Mo Le and Mo Cai reunited, feeling as if they were finally reunited after a long separation, with mixed feelings of joy and sorrow. When the siblings talked together, they unexpectedly discovered that they had dreamt of each other at the same time during the three years they were apart, causing them to shed tears. They believed that their hearts were connected and understood each other.

Upon arriving in the capital city, Gang Le praised the Golden Tower without end, and with a devout heart, he and Mo Le worshiped the Buddha together. Gang Le greatly admired the etiquette and culture of Motian Kingdom. Gang Le and Mo Le then became sworn brothers, making a pledge to each other that they will always help each other and never forget each other, no matter how long it takes.

At the welcome banquet hosted by Mo Le, Gang Le noticed a beautiful woman who had an elegant demeanor, a reserved smile, and a charming appearance. Gang Le's heart rippled, and he looked at the woman intentionally or unintentionally. It was Wen Xiu, Wen Mei's sister. She felt someone was paying attention to her and tried to find out who it was, but when she looked around, she could not sense anyone staring at her.

At night, Wen Mei had a dream of a red thread tied to her sister's foot, which extended far away and was tied to a person wearing a crown. She wanted to see the person's face, but the dream woke her up. Wen Mei told Mo Le, "Wen Xiu's marriage line has been activated, and I saw that the other end of the marriage line is tied to a King." Mo Le thought for a moment and said, "Wen Xiu's destined marriage partner should be Gang Le. If they have mutual intentions, I'll act as the matchmaker."

At the palace banquet, Gang Le was delighted to see Wen Xiu again, and Wen Xiu also developed feelings for Gang Le. After the banquet, Mo Le acted as a matchmaker for the two of them, and their union fulfilled both fate and human desires.

In Motian Kingdom, Gang Le and Wen Xiu held an engagement ceremony. They went to the Golden Pagoda to worship the Buddha, and in front of the Buddha, Gang Le thanked the gods and Buddhas for allowing him to meet his beloved woman from afar, promising to be faithful to Wen Xiu. Wen Xiu made a wish for the royal family to have descendants and for her and Gang Le to grow old together. After staying in Motian Kingdom for a few days, Gang Le returned to Modi Kingdom with Wen Xiu, and Mo Le sent them off with rich gifts.

(To be continued)

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