Music: Gods Returning to Their Rightful Places Jing Ying 2005-03-28
The Coming of an Easterner Is Prophesied in Centuries Qiu Zhen 2005-03-28
Music: Stepping Forward Sun Xiangqing from Taiwan 2005-03-21
Piano and Cello Duo: "Please Sit by My Side" CD Series (16): "Autumn" 2005-03-21
Classical Chinese Orchestra Music: "Be Saved" 2005-02-28
Chinese Song: "Song from a Chinese Prison" 2005-02-21
Chinese Flute Solo: A Fisherman's Song 2005-01-31
Keyboard Music: "Memory of Cultivation" Composed and Performed by Mr. 2005-01-31
Chinese Zither: "The Silver Moonlight Shone on My Chinese Zither While We Played Music on the Mountain" Yun Yao 2005-01-31
Why Is It Crucial to Erase the Mark of the "Beast" from their Foreheads Immediately? Lin Feng 2005-01-24
Music: "Climbing Up a Muddy Slope" Composed and Performed by Mr. 2005-01-24
Music: Chang'an 2005-01-24
Female Vocal: "Leaving for Tiananmen" 2005-01-03
Swedish Band "Yellow Express": "Walk On" 2005-01-03
Music Accompaniment for "Petals of Peace" Composed by Ms. Liu Shaoshan 2004-12-13
Man's Vocal Solo: A New Song for the World 2004-12-13
Male Vocal: Für Falun Dafa (in German) 2004-12-13
Vocal Duet: A Song for Xiong Wei 2004-12-13
Please Lend a Hand - For the Falun Gong Practitioners Persecuted in China Music by Zhen Yu and Lyrics by 2004-09-13
Female Vocal: Be Saved Performed by Sara Effner 2004-07-12
Chinese Zither: Fulfill Our Destiny and Return Home Composed and Performed by Chen 2004-07-12
Flute: Proud Plum Blossom Amidst the Winter Snow Performed by Chen Guohua in Ge 2004-07-05
Female Vocal: Our Predestination Performed by Bai Xue 2004-07-05
"The Beast Coming Up Out of the Earth" in the Book of Revelation Xing Jian 2004-06-28
Piano: The Four Seasons Composed by Jessie, a Dafa Pra 2004-06-28
Chinese Zither: Be Saved Composed and performed by Chen 2004-06-21
Vocal Duet: Falun Dafa Is Good 2004-06-21
Instrumental Music: Ode to the Lotus 2004-06-07
Chorus: "Coming for You" in Five Different Languages 2004-06-07
A German Music Album: Falun Dafa's Path 2004-04-12
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