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Lotus Flower Blossoming on the Back-Cover of Zhuan Falun A Dafa Disciple 2013-04-02
The Decree of Gods A Dafa Practitioner 2012-11-19
A Warning From an Insect A Dafa Disciple in China 2012-10-24
What I Saw in Other Dimensions at the 2012 International Fa Conference at the U.S. Capital and Other Scenes An Oral Sharing by a Western Dafa Practitioner 2012-09-27
The Beginning of a Good Future Che Wu 2012-02-23
Udumbara Flowers Found at a Practice Site in Flushing, NY A Dafa Disciple 2011-09-22
Udumbara Blossoms in Fuxin City, Liaoning Province Submitted by a Dafa pracitioner 2011-09-22
Udumbara Blossoms in Chengdu City Submitted by a Dafa pracitioner 2011-09-22
Benevolence is What's True (Song Lyrics) A Western practitioner 2011-05-11
The Huge Catastrophe Seen in Meditation Long Feng Cheng Xiang 2011-04-06
Some Understandings on the Beijing Olympic Games A Dafa Practitioner 2009-01-12
Music: Feels Like 1936 Again 2008-03-30
Music: Truth Shines Through Justice Will Prevail 2008-02-17
Last Chance Nian Ci 2007-12-09
Revelations: Biblical Prophecies about Falun Gong? A European Practitioner 2007-10-22
Following Master's Words to Hurry Up and Save Sentient Beings A Dafa Practitioner in Norway 2007-10-10
My Cultivation Experiences as a Salesperson at a Newspaper A Dafa Practitioner from Israel 2007-10-09
Music: Feels Like 1936 Again 2007-09-30
A Window of the Mind: The Best Punishment 2007-08-15
Stories from History: Cao Shen Follows What Is Good Yi Dou 2007-08-11
Novelette: Aunt Zhao Xia Tian 2007-07-20
Pursue Nothing and Gain Naturally A Dafa Practitioner in Taiwan 2007-06-07
The Path of Life (2): Immersing in the Fa Qi Zhiping 2007-05-31
The Path of Life (3): Elevating in the Fa Qi Zhiping 2007-05-31
Cultivation Diary: My Son Is Growing Up Xiao Mei 2007-05-31
Spring Is Blooming Xiao Fu 2007-05-28
Karma Induced by Butcher's Killing Causes His Reincarnation as a Pig and Bad Luck for His Descendants 2007-05-24
Music: Three Words Deep In My Heart Yellow Express 2007-05-15
Remembering Master Teaching the Fa in Beijing A Falun Dafa Practitioner in China 2007-05-09
Truth-Clarifying Material Cured Eye Disease A Dafa practitioner from Heilongjian Province in China 2007-05-09
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