Eliminate Interference and Sabotage from Other Dimensions

Mainland Practitioners

PureInsight | October 21, 2002

A practitioner who happens to be my relative was sometimes steadfast in cultivation while slow and sluggish at other times. Especially after July 20 1999, she stopped cultivation for a long period of time. Later, in response to sincere persuasion by relatives and fellow practitioners, she came back to cultivation.

A few days ago she wanted to give up again. A number of her relatives are practitioners and talked with her, hoping that she could fully realize the importance and value of cultivation, and that she can steadfastly cultivate. But it was to no avail; some of the relatives/practitioners felt that it was useless and didn't want to spend time on this practitioner. But one relative didn't want to give up, and felt that we must see the Fa as our Teacher, and cultivate a heart of Compassion and Tolerance. In his opinion, we must place the Fa at the highest position and take on the whole picture, while accepting the faults of other practitioners and raising our levels as a whole body. To him, even towards ordinary people, Teacher asked us to "Lose no time and save them, hurry up and tell them," (Hurry Up And Tell Them). Practitioners are here for Dafa, and we should encourage each other so to raise our levels.

From the standpoint of the Fa, and drawing conclusions from past experiences, this relative felt that under the current situation, the reason why this practitioner is sluggish is because of interference and sabotage from other dimensions. Therefore, this relative took time to send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil that interfered with this practitioner.

One day when this relative was sending forth righteous thoughts, he saw that his righteous thoughts eliminated a huge demon in the practitioner's otherworldly body field.

After that, the practitioner underwent a huge change; it was as if she were a different person. Her son even said his mom was like a different person. Now she's much more steadfast, and no longer argues with everyone. Even if she's very busy, she still studies the Fa, practices and sends forth righteous thoughts.

What I am saying is, we must treat sending forth righteous thoughts solidly. When we meet with tribulations we shouldn't feel frustrated. We should not avoid it, hide from it or go around it. We should cultivate our compassionate and tolerant hearts, and treat other practitioners with compassion. When problems occur we shouldn't use our human notions to look at them and treat them with a human heart. We have to take a standpoint from the Fa, take the Fa as the Teacher, and see the Fa from the standpoint of the Fa. We should treat everything with the mentality of a God, and face the current persecution with a righteous mind. We have to realize that this current persecution is not ordinary human beings persecuting other human beings; it's not ordinary humans persecuting Dafa and its practitioners. It's the highest level's old forces using rotten ghouls and the lowest beings of the human world to persecute Dafa and its practitioners. We shouldn't forget that the otherworldly interference and sabotage are the main reason and elements for this persecution.

Use our true nature to help Teacher; use our righteous thoughts to eliminate the evil; and bring salvation to the human world with compassion while steadfastly safeguarding Dafa.

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2002/9/12/18494.html

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